Your complete guide to Bob Chapek, Bob Iger, and Disney CEO changes

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So you simply learnt The Walt Disney Co. has a brand-newCEO You may be a die-hard Disney fan with a yearly parks pass, or you may simply occur to enjoy a Marvel film every now and then. It’s most likely that the news of Bob Chapek presuming the function of CEO at Disney has actually crossed your timeline. Bob Iger was currently going to retire, you may keep in mind. Are we shocked or are we not? Why should we care?

Since Disney stands on the leading edge of media in 2020,

Disney has the greatest movies and amusement park on earth, and is attempting to dominate whatever from live sports to streaming video. Who runs Disney and how they do so will have a substantial effect on our home entertainment for the foreseeablefuture That’s why it is necessary to understand about Bob.

So, we have actually created an easy, understandable guide.

Prior to we discuss Bob Chapek, why is Bob Iger such a big offer?

The first big thing Bob Iger did as president of The Walt Disney Co. was get Pixar Animation Studios. He went on to acquire Marvel Home entertainment, Lucasfilm, and, most just recently, 21 st Century Fox. His time at Disney saw him make really high-risk financial investments that settled in billions and billions of dollars. You have Iger to thank for the Marvel Cinematic Universe, for the Star Wars follow up trilogy, and for the parade of intellectual property that comprises Disney Plus. To actually get the full experience of Iger’s tradition, have a look at his Twitter banner, in which traditional Disney characters romp with Bart Simpson, a Na’ vi from Avatar, Black Panther, Deadpool, BB-8, and Child Yoda.

Sweet business synergy
Image: Robert Iger/Twitter

Why did Bob Iger leave Disney?

Iger’s initial agreement just had him as CEO through 2018, however his period got extended to 2019, after which he would invest 3 years as an expert. It got extended again through 2021. We do not understand precisely what triggered Iger to call it stops midway through the second extension, going back from the CEO position and presuming the function of executive chairman. He mentioned strategies to concentrate on the “imaginative” side of the business and not the humdrum management of operations.

Wait, if we understood Iger was leaving ultimately, why is this unexpected?

Here’s the important things: Yes, Bob Iger was set up to step down in 2021, however he was still anticipated to stay CEO throughout that time, not yeet out after 14 months. This was expected to be revealed at some point in 2021, with Iger staying on for some time later to aid relieve in the brand-new CEO. A random Tuesday afternoon in February is an uncommon time to make a statement of this scale, specifically thinking about Disney had actually a frequently set up profits call simply last month.

There’s another unexpected aspect, a minimum of for folks who follow the market carefully. While Bob Chapek is a really sensible option for CEO of Disney, having actually belonged to the business for 27 years– see more on this in a subsequent area– lots of professionals presumed that Iger’s ultimate follower would be Kevin Mayer, who is presently the chairman of Disney’s Direct-to- Customer & International division.

Ooh, intrigue! Why did everybody presume Kevin Mayer would be the next CEO of Disney?

As Disney moves strongly into the streaming and direct-to- customer space, lots of believed that Mayer would be a natural option for CEO, offered his deal with Disney Plus. Retrospectively, it’s apparent that while Mayer has actually been squashing it in his present function, he does not actually have experience in other locations of the business– departments like parks, home media, and dealing with IP. Chapek, however, mark off all those boxes.

Is Bob Iger leaving Disney totally?

As Iger (consistently) stated in a financier call following the big statement, he will not be leaving Disney simply. His agreement continues to have him included with Disney through completion of 2021, however he’s taking a rear seats from the day-to- day management of the business and will function as “executive chairman.” Executive chairmen guide the CEO, sharing both functional and board obligations. Past CEO changeovers at Disney have actually typically included the brand-new CEO taking control of functional tasks while the old CEO stays onboard for a bit as chairman in order to relieve the shift.

Iger stated that handling this function will permit him to focus more on the “imaginative side” and not be slowed down by functional obligations. Chapek will report straight to Iger through2021


You can thank Bob Chapek for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.
Picture: James Bareham/Polygon.

So what did Bob Chapek do at Disney prior to ending up being CEO?

Bob Chapek has actually operated at Disney for 27 years. His newest gig was chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, however prior to that– in between 2011 and 2015– he was president of the former Disney Customer Productsdivision Prior To 2011, he was president of circulation for Walt Disney Studios.

All of these functions speak to Chapek’s strength in consumer-forward items and experiences, something he states will be a fantastic possession in this brand-new age of direct-to- customer organisations. Chapek’s profession likewise points to his savvy at product packaging Disney’s growing toolbox of IP– though some may argue that that came at an expense to supporting those diverse brand names.

Wait, what does chairman of whatever have to make with product packaging IP?

Throughout Chapek’s period of practically 5 years as chairman of Disney Parks, Experiences and Products, the business opened ShanghaiDisney Different Disney- owned IPs made their method into Disney Parks around the world, from full- on themed lands like Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to more one-note rebrands such as the Disneyland Tower of Fear’s improvement into a Guardians of the Galaxy tourist attraction. This has actually made him something of a controversial figure to Disney parks enthusiasts, who feel that Chapek is more worried aboutmaximizing profits than maximizing guest experiences


While president of circulation for Disney’s movie division, Chapek monitored the business’s material technique from theatrical to home release. Keep In Mind Disney’s “vault” technique, in which traditional movies were secured and not readily available for purchase till a Platinum/Diamond/Super Mickey Whatever edition with 2 minutes of formerly hidden video footage was launched for a minimal time?

Please do not inform me Bob Chapek developed the Disney Vault.

That’s Chapek, child, bending his abilities at handling existing possessions and product packaging them up in brand-new methods for customers– and successful methods for the Big Mouse in Charge. Iger even extolled the Disney Vault throughout thepost-announcement investor call


” As president of home home entertainment for the Walt Disney Studios, he led the extremely effective vault technique that brought Disney’s renowned movies and characters to brand-new generations of audiences,” stated Iger.

Chapek enters the function of CEO handling not simply Walt Disney Studios, however Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, and 20 th Century Studios. That’s an entire lotta IP for him to bundle up in this brand-new direct-to- customer age. (If you’re questioning where Searchlight Pictures– the indie division previously called Fox Searchlight– suits, it was gotten by Disney in the Fox offer however runs rather separately, outside the Walt Disney Studios umbrella.)

What does this mean for Star Wars/Marvel/Pixar/[insert personal beloved franchise here]?

As one confidential Disney officer informed The Verge, it’s not likely that Chapek will strongly get IP in the exact same method that Iger did. Rather, Chapek will handle the existing IP and find out how to bundle it up for this brand-new period ofDisney No, Star Wars/Marvel/Pixar/20 th Century Studios are not going anywhere– in reality, be prepared to see even more of them. Basically, think about Chapek as the Tim Cook to Iger’s Steve Jobs.

So just how much is Bob Chapek making as CEO?

Chapek’s base pay is now $2.5 million each year, according to hisemployment agreement as filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission He’s likewise qualified for yearly benefits that will be targeted to be at the really least 300% of his income, although the real quantity will be based upon his efficiency. (For those of you at home, that accumulates to possibly $10 million a year.)

Chapek will likewise be qualified for Disney’s equity-based long-lasting reward payment prepare for senior executives, where he’ll get “a yearly award with a target accounting award worth of $15 million”– once again, depending upon efficiency and other elements. This extra payment generally takes the type of stock alternatives, limited stock, efficiency shares, money, and/ or stock-settled efficiency systems.

Wait, how old is Bob Chapek?

Chapek is 60, according to Disney’s SEC filing. A news story released Nov. 12, 2009, by the Northwest Indiana Times states that he was 50 at the time and that he finished high school in1977 That recommends that Chapek was born in 1959, and will therefore turn 61 later on this year. In the meantime, however, his precise astrological sign stays a secret.

The number of times is Bob Chapek discussed in Bob Iger’s narrative?

Iger released a narrative, The Trip of a Life Time: Lessons Gained From 15 Years as CEO of the Walt Disney Business, in September2019 Chapek’s name appears in it simply two times. The first time remains in the beginning, in which Iger states the minute he gained from Chapek that a kid had actually beenattacked by an alligator at Disney World’s Grand Floridian resort The other remains in the recommendations of the book. (For referral, Kevin Mayer appears in 7 various chapters.)

Is this the first time Disney has had back-to- back CEOs with the exact same first name?

Yes! Congrats to both Bobs, who get to not just live out the tradition of being Disney CEO, however likewise embody the 2 Spider-Mans Pointing meme daily. Enjoyable reality: There are presently three separate C-suite executives at Disney named Alan.

Image: Petrana Radulovic/Imgflip.

How have CEO shifts at Disney operated in the past?

The first Disney CEO was Walt Disney’s bro, RoyDisney The 2 delighted in a comparable creative-visionary-and- corporate-businessman pairing as Iger and Chapek now have. Technically, they were equivalent partners in position and status till after Walt Disney’sdeath Roy Disney took the title of CEO 2 years after his bro’s death, and even delayed his retirement to see Walt Disney World through. He retired actually right after it opened in October 1971, and passed away later on that year.

Donn Tatum, Roy Disney’s follower, had actually been Disney’s production business manager, essentially Roy’s right-hand male in the development of Disney World and other amusement park. When Roy Disney passed away, Tatum ended up beingCEO No drama there, though it’s noteworthy that he was the first non-Disney family member to presume the function. Card Walker, who would end up being the next Disney CEO in 1976, took control of as business president. This next shift likewise played out efficiently: Much like in the Iger/Chapek circumstance, Walker took control of CEO tasks while Tatum stayed chairman for a long time. When Walker’s own retirement came, he did the exact same thing with his follower, Ron W. Miller– though here’s where things start getting spicy.

Miller was Walt Disney’s son-in-law and not a popular option for CEO, because he initially desired to be an expert football gamer and just really started working at Disney due to the fact that his father-in-law was like, Hey, I can get you into the Directors Guild, and he was like, Oh, word? After he took control of in 1983, the business started to go to pieces. Simply one year later on, Miller’s cousin-in-law Roy E. Disney and 2 investors ousted him in favor of Michael Eisner, Frank Wells, and Jeffrey Katzenberg.


It gets juicier.

This brings us to Eisner presuming the position of CEO, positioned there straight by Roy E. Disney in his coup. Eisner supervised the business throughout the Disney Renaissance– and then into the period where the studio was draining direct-to- VHS follows up to its cherished animated movies.

In a nearly Shakespearean parallel, Eisner was himself almost ousted by Roy E. Disney and his buddies; they felt that under Eisner’s management, there were a lot of box office flops into the brand-new millenium, excessive micromanagement, and no clear succession strategy. The takeover effort didn’t rather work, however Eisner stepped down from the CEO position in 2005– a year prior to his agreement ended– and called Iger as his follower. He didn’t want to do it, however he did, due to the fact that Disney’s board desired him out of there.

Which brings us to Iger, who has actually invested the last 15 years drastically improving The Walt Disney Co. prior to handing off the reins to Chapek. All things thought about, although this statement was unexpected and Disney in this brand-new period is large and unknowable, Iger appears to be doing things as close to the conventional method aspossible


In spite of the current palace intrigue, Disney does have a history of tranquil shifts ofpower In other words, the future of Disney will depend upon Bob’s determination to deal withBob


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