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Lady Gaga’s ‘Foolish Love’ music video is a magical-girl, B-movie epic

Lady Gaga is back in shimming bright pink, all set to dance fight with fellow Generosity punks for supremacy over Chromatica.

That sounds like the plot description to some future dystopian film, however actually it’s the facility of Gaga’s most current music video, which brings her brand-new single “Foolish Love” to life. Honestly, it’s doing more for the development of popcorn movie theater than the majority of the follows up out there today. Who requires another Appetite Games spinoff when you can have the legend of Chromatica?

The video begins with a little a title card that does some low lift world-building about world dispute, Spiritual ones in sleep, and Generosity punks defending whatever the strange Chromaticais We pan to a desertscape, with imposing crystal mountains. Is another world? Is it the Earth, countless years after the fall of humankind? Is it another measurement completely?

The remainder of the video includes Lady Gaga worn different hot pink clothing, dancing it out with groups of individuals in other colors– each with its own little logo design. At first it feels more dance fight design, however by the end they all come together in one big event.

It’s essentially a fantabulous mix of sci-fi B-movies, dystopian wastelands, and wonderful lady visual appeals. I desire a full theatricalversion I desire a spinoff concentrating on each color group, diving into the tradition and world-building of Chromatica. I desire a full line of product and an animated series based upon this deep mythos.

Lady Gaga is never ever one to keep back on her music video production. Lots Of fans are hypothesizing that “Chromatica” will be the name of Lady Gaga’s most recent studio album which each track will be focused around a various color. This might imply more music videos embeded in this world, and more expedition of what the heck is going on here.

We’re all set, Lady Gaga. Take us on this journey to Chromatica.

According to E! News, Lady Gaga’s sixth studio album #CHROMATICA will include 12 tracks, each representing a various color from the chromatic color scale. Foolish Love represents the color pink. Appealing! pic.twitter.com/1t0hktPv2t

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