Marvel Comics’ X-Men summer event is X of Swords, from Jonathan Hickman

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At the Chicago Comics and Home Entertainment Exposition on Friday, Marvel Comics revealed the first crossover event of the X-Men’s brand-new status quo. X of Swords will strike racks in July.

The crossover will “impact the whole X-Men line,” which already will consist of Cable television, Children of the Atom, Excalibur, Hellions, Marauders, New Mutants, Wolverine, X- Element, X- Force, andX-Men


The crossover comes approximately one year after the kickoff of author Jonathan Hickman’s brand-new X-Men status quo, which started with Home of X # 1 on July 24,2019 With the aid of artists Marte Gracia, Pepe Larraz, R.B. Silva, and Tom Muller, Hickman offered the X-men a brand-new paradigm and a brand-new visual appearance, even to the method their books are packaged.

Nowadays, mutantkind has actually made itself a brand-new home on the sentient island of Krakoa, and required that world federal governments acknowledge their sovereignty. With Teacher X, Magneto, and the reincarnating Moira X guiding the future of mutants, the X-Men have access to unrestricted resurrections, a (reasonably) safe homeland, and the liberty to craft a brand-new mutant society.

However in X of Swords, that society will be threatened “by effective forces from the unidentified,” according to a Marvel news release, and “10 mutants will rise to safeguard theirhome Equipping themselves with famous blades, both familiar and brand-new ones from Marvel history, mutantkind will lastly satisfy its magical fate.”

Hickman will composing the “tentpoles” of the series together with Exalibur scribe Tini Howard. Excalibur being both the present X-Men line’s magic-focused book, and the name of a famous sword.

And yes, X of Swords is pronounced “10 of Swords.”

The title of the crossover is a clear recommendation to the 10 of Swords tarot card, and it isn’t the first time Hickman and his partners have actually had fun with tarot recommendations in the Dawn of X books. Method back in Powers of X # 1, Hickman and R.B. Silva produced a tarot card theme for aspects and characters of the far future Man-Machine-Mutant War, which identified Moira X’s 9th life.

Image: Jonathan Hickman & R.B. SIlva/Marvel Comics.

Here we see Rasputin, a genetically crafted mutant with the powers of Quentin Quire, Colossus, Gunther Bain, Kate Pryde, and Laura Kinney, as the Magician card; the towering home of the anti-mutant AI Nimrod the Lesser as the Tower card; and the pacifistic hereditary outlier called Cardinal as the Devilcard


We connected to Emily Heller, Polygon’s resident tarot specialist, and she had this to state:

Image: Susana Polo/Polygon.

So that bodes well.

Here’s a larger take a look at Mark Brooks’ promo art for X-Men: X of Swords. The 15- part crossover will strike racks in July.

Image: Mark Brooks/Marvel Comics.

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