DC Comics’ Constantine just met his hipster match in new Hellblazer comic

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As one of the unusual comics characters who has actually aged in actual time, John Constantine is no complete stranger to new styles and patterns. A yoga-posing, pun-making, man-bun-wearing, spell-slinging hipster who worships at his feet may be too much even for him.

The chipper Tommy Willow-Tree (yes) might be a satchel-toting dandy who utilizes yoga positions to get rid of devils, however he’s most likely much better at John’s task than John is and can consume him under the table. Just a terrible time for JohnConstantine


What else is occurring in the pages of our preferred comics? We’ll inform you. Invite to Polygon’s weekly list of the books that our comics editor enjoyed this past week. It’s part society pages of superhero lives, part reading suggestions, part “take a look at this cool art.” There might be some spoilers. There might not suffice context. Read this if you missed out on last week. Let’s get going!

Hellblazer # 4

Image: Simon Spurrier, Matías Bergara/DC Comics.

Simon Spurrier and Matías Bergara have a great deal of enjoyable at Tommy’s cost– and truly work the funny minutes like this one– however they do not forget that Constantine himself is the misanthropic asshole the world requires, however not the one it is worthy of. I eagerly anticipate seeing where they take this team up.

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Leinil Francis Yu/Marvel Comics.

When X-Men # 7 wasn’t developing a mutant faith, it was being irrepressibly randy. I have actually got to confess that all this teasing about whether Jean, Cyclops, Wolverine, and Emma Frost are truly in a caring polycule, and whether Cyclops and Wolverine are truly checking out queer identity would be a lot more enjoyable if Marvel wasn’t owned by Disney.

Image: Amy Reeder/DC Comics.

My preferred panel in Amethyst # 1 is this charming little bit of physical funny clip-clopping throughout drifting gems.

Ant-Man # 2

Image: Zeb Wells, Dylan Burnett/Marvel Comics.

This is Pamela the ant. Ant-Man is her occupant. She does the wrap-ups for the new Ant-Mancomic I would crave her.

Far Sector # 4

Image: N.K. Jemisin, Jamal Campbell/DC Comics.

Not to offer excessive of the plot away, however Far Sector continues to be among the most aesthetically innovative and intriguing sci-fi parables on the stands today.

Huge Size X-Men: Jean Grey and Emma Frost

Image: Jonathan Hickman, Russell Dauterman/Marvel Comics.

Russell Dauterman’s art and Matthew Wilson’s colors in the first of the new sweep of Giant Size X-Men books are fantastic. That is all.

Tomorrow # 1

Image: Peter Milligan, Jeséus Hervás/ Dark Horse Comics.

It feels like everyone’s doing a comic about an apocalyptic pester provided through technology nowadays, however Tomorrow’s first concern kept me remarkably engaged with some effective intros to its main characters. I’ll be keeping my eye on it!

Suicide Team # 3

Image: Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo/DC Comics.

First: I enjoy that the Revolutionaries have a speedster who is just great for springs. Second: Yeah, Lethal 6! Weaponizing desire WOULD be nasty!

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