Fan beats Pokémon game without taking any damage

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Even if you do not discover Pokémon games to be especially difficult, you’re still most likely going to sustain damage eventually. One brave fan chose to see what would occur if he went through a game without ever getting hit.

Smallant1 utilized Pokémon Platinum for his no-damage run since he matured with it, and has actually likely put in the most time in that installation than any other one. That familiarity would be vital, since ending up the obstacle needs intimate understanding of what animals all the fitness instructors have, and the relocations those beasts come coupled with.

At first he attempts the run with Piplup, however the chances protest him– in order to not get struck in the first fight, the enemy requires to withdraw 6 times in a row, in addition to missing out on 2times There’s just a 0.004 percent opportunity of that taking place, Smallant computes. He goes on to select Turtwig as his starter. Nevertheless, things boil down to opportunity. The opposing Chimchar needs to utilize Leer 4 times in a row, which just has a 1 in 16 opportunity of taking place. It takes Smallant1 3 attempts to get it. He invests almost an hour on the initial fight versus his competitor.

The first real fight versus a level 5 Starly with Quick attack, on the other hand, takes him 9 hours of grinding. Here, he and his audiences develop the overarching guidelines for therun He is permitted to conserve just after beating a gym, and if he occurs to take damage, he needs to reset to the formerly clearedgym By the end of the run, he’s reset 69times Great.

The no-damage run goes on like this, with Smallant taking hours upon hours to find out particular relocations that have the ideal top priority over his opponents. Often, he mistakenly faces freaks and fitness instructors out, since he didn’t prepare for them. Other times, he takes additional care to prevent as numerous fitness instructors as he can. Things get especially challenging in double-battles, where he does not have as much control over what his opponent does.

Ultimately, he gets to the Day care, where he transfers his beasts till he can get them to level100


” Regardless of having level 100 Pokémon after the 3rd gym, the obstacle still wasn’t simple,” Smallant1 informs Polygon. “Lots Of battles took a great deal of planning to be able to win without damage, and by the end of the run I needed to diligently plan every fight versus every Pokémon to win.”

A single level 25 Drifblim, for instance, includes an extra 8 hours of runtime as he determines the very best method to take on that particular encounter. Grinding his beasts at the day care likewise costs money, which suggests that he needs to establish a get-rich-quick plan including 2 rich fitness instructors.

The entire thing takes about 138 in-game hours, without counting the time that was lost in between the resets.

” The most difficult part of the experience was absolutely remaining focused the entire time,” Smallant1 informed Polygon. “If, at any point, I made a single error I would takedamage After playing the game for those long lengths of time, it took a great deal of effort to stay thorough with each and every fight.”

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