Poe, Dig 301, and Altered Carbon season 2 ending, explained

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At the end of Altered Carbon season 2, the war has actually been, well, not won, however most likely postponed given that the source are still around. And we lastly get resolution on Kovacs’ partner Poe’s story.

Throughout the season, Poe had actually been having problems and difficulty with his memory, processor, and focus. In the final scene of the season, we get some resolution about Poe’s disease, however he features an entire brand-new secret.

Let’s discuss that last scene. first, let’s keep in mind how we got there.

[Ed. note: this post contains major spoilers for Altered Carbon season 2.]

What was incorrect with Poe in season 2?

Method back in the final episode of season 1, Rei’s henchman Mr. Leung made a final attack on The Raven hotel. Leung utilized an “electron destabilizer” to disable and relatively eliminate Poe.

Image: Netflix.

In the first episode of season 2, we see that Poe endured the vicious attack on his personhood, as he explained it, and is taking a trip with Takeshi Kovacs, played in season 2 by Anthony Mackie. The wide-frequency emitter (that pyramid-shaped locket) Poe lives in while taking a trip was how the fugitive hunter Trepp discovered Kovacs.

However Leung’s attack had actually left Poe with an addled memory and a damaged processor. We find out in episode 2 that the only method to repair it would be a full reboot, however Poe thinks twice out of worry of losing his memories– of Lizzie Elliot, of his 30 years with Kovacs, and, most likely, of the more than 50 years he invested as a hotel( ier) prior to they met.

When Dig 301 (another AI) uses to develop a program to conserve his memories that Poe relents,

It’s just.

The season’s drama and deceits all culminate in a fight in Harlan World’s bombed out needlecast tower. Quellcrist Falconer, Takeshi Kovacs, and the double- sleeved Takeshi Prime fight it out versus Colonel Carrera/Jaeger/the Senior.

Image: Netflix.

Poe appears mid-fight to look at Kovacs, and, showing that technology is simply as bothersome in the remote future as it is today, it’s at that minute that Dig 301’s program reveals it’s time to reboot.

Prior to he closes down, Poe begins composing on a Post-it, his favored technique of notetaking. We do not get to see what he composes prior to he vanishes.

Poe, Dig 301, Annabel, and DHF

3 months, 10 days, 12 hours, and 55 seconds later on, Poe comes back in The Nevermore hotel’s lobby. Dig 301 has actually taken the name Annabel and began taking care of the hotel in his lack.

Poe’s memory hasn’t been brought back, though Annabel makes certain it’ll return with time. Poe’s shows (his personhood, as it were) has actually been knotted with a lot of fragmented information.

Image: Netflix.

When he restarted was a decryption secret,

We find out that the note he was composing. Utilizing it, Poe and Annabel find that the secret information is a whole raw human DHF– digital human freight. DHF is an individual’s mind, brain, and character in information type. That information that gets kept on a cortical stack and placed into a sleeve (body). It’s what makes it possible for individuals to end up being successfully never-ceasing in the Altered Carbon universe.

Most Likely, Poe was preparing for this minute as he doodled the note.

So whose DHF is it?

Taking A Look At the DHF, Annabel reveals, “Much better get the great bourbon all set,” highly suggesting that the DHF comes from the present version of Takeshi Kovacs (the one we have actually viewed in seasons 1 and 2, not the double- sleeved Takeshi Prime). Annabel’s tip was verified by showrunner Alison Schapker in interviews with CinemaBlend and Collider.

Throughout season 1, offsite backups of an individual’s DHF were expensive and unusual– the 48 hours in between Bancroft’s backups were a significant plot point of that secret. In season 2, however, backups appear a lot less extensive. We see Danica Harlan’s sleeve get eliminated, and then enjoy her hop into a brand-new sleeve minutes later on without missing out on a beat.

Presuming the DHF in Poe’s possession was likewise fresh, Poe might drop it onto a stack, discover a sleeve, and restore the Kovacs from minutes prior to the final fight. When– Altered Carbon gets selected up for a 3rd season, we’ll have to wait to see for sure if– ideally.

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