Altered Carbon season 2: the key to Elders, angels, and angelfire

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A lot altered from season 1 to season 2 of AlteredCarbon Anthony Mackie plays Takeshi Kovacs now, it’s 30 years later on, and we’re on a totally brand-new world. That brand-new world, Harlan’s World, has a history and peculiarities that the show discuss, however does not truly check out.

So let’s speak about Harlan’s World’s angels and their angelfire.

We’ll prevent significant spoilers as much as we can, however the last couple of paragraphs consist of significant spoilers for season 2. We’ll put an additional warning prior to those paragraphs.

What is Harlan’s World?

About 400 years prior to season 2 occurs (so, 370 ish years prior to season 1), human colonists left earth on a sublight nest ship. They got to a world that would come to be called Harlan’s World, called after among the creators of the world.

The world might support human life, however it was (really almost) entirely surrounded by a hexagonal network of automated orbitals– something in between a satellite and a space station (it’s hard to get a sense of scale from the show)– that would shoot down anything that got too close. These orbitals came to be called angels.

Konrad Harlan, played by Neal McDonough, found (a minimum of he takes credit for finding) a hole in the angel network that would permit their ship to land.


The angels weren’t the just artifacts found on Harlan’sWorld It soon ended up being clear that the world had actually formerly been populated by a types that the human beings called the Elders. We in fact see a Senior citizen fossil in the mayor’s office in episode 1.

Image: Netflix.

Elders built the angels, however nobody understands why.

Other Senior citizen artifacts have actually been found all over the world. Teams of “archaeologues” and AIs looked into at dig websites all over the world. Dig 301, who we fulfill in season 2, is among those AIs. We have actually seen proof of the past emerge from these digs throughout both seasons. Studying a distinct alloy in those Senior citizen artifacts is what led Quellcrist Falconer to create stacks– those interchangeable disk drives that store a human mind as digital human freight (DHF).


The angels surrounding Harlan’s World are still quite active. In the evening, we see beams of blue-white light, called angelfire by the residents, bouncing in between the angels like lightning– it’s angular since of the honeycomb-pattern of the angels’ plan. It’s uncertain what the beams are, however it’s presumed to be either arcing power discharges or interaction.

Image: Netflix.

When something gets too close to the angels’ elevation– like the firework-bearing rockets we see in episode 4– the orbitals ruin it with a more effective blast of that very same blue-white energy. This is most likely why the flying cars and trucks that we saw on Earth in season 1 are missing from Harlan’s World.

The crucial thing to note here is that angelfire is just ever seen in the sky. As long as absolutely nothing methods the angels from the surface area, they’re entirely safe and seen typically as the world’s protectors.

A spoiler-filled conversation of the angels in season 2

Angels, angelfire, and the Elders are all significant plot points in Altered Carbon’s secondseason In episode 6, Quellcrist appears to control the angels and utilizes them to call down angelfire versus the Protectorate forces searching her.

Image: Netflix.

In episode 7, we find out that it wasn’t Stop managing the angels, however the Senior citizen that was sharing her stack. We see that once again in episode 8, when Takeshi utilizes angelfire to eliminate himself and the Senior citizen– however, he appears to have actually been conserved by Poe.

This informs us a couple intriguing things. The orbiting network of angels appears to be pointed at the world’s surface area rather of out at space, which feels less like it’s for defense and more like it’s for containment. We likewise see that the Elders can manage the angels, so they likely weren’t put there by somebody else.

Which raises the concern: What were the Elders hoping to consist of by themselves world? Cross your fingers for season 3.

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