Final Fantasy 14’s fishing raids are the best thing in the game now

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Final Fantasy 14 is regularly getting updates that add more material to the game, however the most current addition of multiplayer fishing celebrations truly takes the cake.

I’m very little of an endgame raider; I run the a little tough “Extreme” things to get weapons and installs, however I hardly ever do anything more difficult than that. I do not have the time or schedule to collaborate with a group to run it, and I’m quite terrified of complete strangers on the web being mean to me about my damage. Whenever updates come out that release a brand-new tier of Savage raids and things, I’m mainly thrilled for my good friends and I enjoy the rest of the spot material on my own.

Nevertheless, spot 5.2 for Final Fantasy 14 added a brand name brand-new function, completely fit for me: oceanfishing Ocean fishing happens every 2 hours and you can group up with 23 other players to fish on a boat. You have a couple minutes to fish at 3 various areas prior to the boat relocations. The much better the fish, the more points you score, and there are celebration rewards for satisfying specific requirements. If you score above a limit, there is likewise a cute small shark minion and a goofy-looking shark install. I should have both.

I have actually effectively acquired the shark minion
Image: Square Enix through Polygon.

It’s been a very long time because a video game has actually discovered methods to interrupt my reality the method enormously multiplayer online fishing has. In MapleStory, I would visit at particular times to attempt to get a cosmetic chair I desired, however that was several years earlier. Now I discover myself making certain I’m logged into Final Fantasy 14 every other hour to fish– and I make certain to let my good friends understand.

We celebration up and will select areas next to each other on the boat. We’ll be in Discord calls regreting our great (or more frequently, bad) luck and sharing methods.

For the the majority of part, sea fishing is quite wholesome. When an unusual spectral present gets activated or they’ll set up their fishing area next to their good friends to invest time together, individuals cheer. Everybody has actually banded together versus a typical enemy: the Momora Mora fish. This cursed fish is big, and it activates the big catch alert, so individuals will squander their abilities in the hopes of reeling in double fish with double points … just to pull in this low-scoring loser of a fish.

I gush often about just how much I enjoy Final Fantasy 14, and the addition of ocean fishing just makes me love the game evenmore Square Enix provides something for all kinds of players, whether you’re a casual fisher or a hardcore raider, and the business continues to add a range of enjoyable, fresh material. There’s a lot to do in the game and with all of the referrals to older Final Fantasy titles, like the current addition of Final Fantasy 7’s Ruby Weapon boss, it’s the best MMORPG for me to consume time with.

Even in the face of Momora Mora fish toxicity, these fishing raids have actually brought me closer to my good friends– along with whatever complete strangers get suckered into my celebration.

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