Greyhound trailer: Tom Hanks wrote and starred in his own WWII epic

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The trailer for Tom Hanks’ most current motion picture is here, and it looks like what you get if you blended Captain Phillips with Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk. The motion picture’s called Greyhound and it has to do with boats, submarines, and the second World War. It’s likewise composed by and stars TomHanks To put it simply, it may be the most dadcore motion picture ever made.

Greyhound– which is, like all excellent dad-movies, motivated by a real occasions– follows captain Ernest Krause, played by Tom Hanks, on his first day in command of a U.S. destroyer in the early days of World War II. While the boat is on patrol, it’s assailed by a pack of Nazi U-boats. From there, all naval-hell break out, waves crash into boats, torpedoes are fired, and Tom Hanks makes that worried-but-brave face that he’s so proficient at.

This isn’t the first time Hanks has actually composed a film he’s starred in, however it’s been a while. The last time was 2011’s Larry Crowne, a misbegotten romcom which Hanks likewise directed, however it looks like he’s offering himself a bit more to do here. It sort of appearances like he was envious of Kenneth Branagh’s scene-chewing Commander in Dunkirk, and chose to provide himself an entire motion picture to play that part, which truthfully sounds excellent.

It’s likewise worth keeping in mind that this is Hanks’ first go back to World War II given that 1998’s Conserving Private Ryan– unless you count his narrative in the mini-series The Pacific, which we do not.

Mentioning Dunkirk, Greyhound appears to be the current in a string of films about marine operations in the second World War. After Dunkirk’s enormous box office success in 2017, there was in 2015’s Midway, a fine-enough motion picture that practically nobody under the age of 50 saw, however still handled to make practically $60 million at the domestic boxoffice


With war films discovering that sort of success, Hanks tossing himself into the mix need to be box office catnip for fathers who wish to go to the films this summer season. Greyhound is set to make it to theaters later on this year on June12


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