New God of War camera tool shows Baldur giving Kratos the finger

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Almost 2 years after release, Bloodborne and Dark Souls modder Lance McDonald discovered a new method to see God of War (2018). And with that newfound power, McDonald discovered a covert scene of Baldur giving players the finger to end thegame


Rather of the game’s normal no-cut, behind-the- back camera, McDonald can see the game and all of its cutscenes in a free-flowingcamera According to the modder, this project was partially working at some point in 2015, however enforced some quite significant problems with the game’s menus. Now, McDonald can control time throughout a scene, and the characters do not clip into each other– an achievement that made a compliment from Cory Barlog, the game’s director. We have actually connected to Sony to discover more about the gesture.

Great day’s work. God of War (PS4)’s camera totally hacked. No clipping, capability to start and stop time easily, and works totally throughout cutscenes. It’s triggered by getting in unique button presses on the map screen. Functions fantastic!

— Lance McDonald (@manfightdragon)March 5, 2020

You can see McDonald’s full video of the Baldur battle scene in the tweet above.

The tool is outstanding, and an actually cool new method to take a look at our 2018 game of the year. McDonald likewise discovered a really in-character Easter egg from the end of the 2 god’s fight.

At the end of their first battle in God of War, Kratos breaks Baldur’s neck and tosses his body off a cliff. Players see the body fall, however do not get to see it plunge all the method down. With the new camera tool, McDonald was able to follow Baldur’s body all the method into the pit.

Obviously, after Baldur exits the frame, the character design sticks both of his middle fingers up in the air– giving Kratos a final farewell.

This is, of course, something players might never ever see in-game The disrespectful gesture fits remarkably well with Baldur’s character– something one of Sony Santa Monica’s designers appears to concur with us on.

We’re unsure if we will see Baldur’s sibling, Thor, bite his thumb at Kratos in the God of War follow up we hope is coming. If Baldur can turn Kratos the bird from beyond the tomb, anything is possible.

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