Pokémon Go Team Rocket Take-over event guide: start times and bonuses

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Team Rocket is taking control of Pokémon Go beginning on March 6 till March 9.

Shiny Skorupi will be making its debut, together with an increased generate rate to dark- and poison-typePokémon Absol will likewise be generating in the wild, rather of just originating from eggs.

On March 7, from 2 p.m. till 5 p.m. in your regional time, a global take-over will take place, with Team Rocket taking control of lots of PokéStops. The 3 leaders, along with Giovanni, will be appearing more regularly also, so this is a likelihood to finish any of the Team Rocket Unique Research Study. Shadow Pokémon drawn from the leaders will likewise have an opportunity to appear Shiny. Removing Team Rocket members throughout this time duration will likewise reward double Stardust, so ensure you utilize a Star Piece.

Throughout that particular period, you’ll likewise have the ability to utilize Charge TMs to alter the Shadow Pokémon’s charge relocation from Aggravation into something else. The relocation will still be changed with Return if you cleanse it, so utilize your TMs carefully.

Image: Niantic through Polygon.

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