The Outer Worlds’ small fonts get bigger again

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The Outer Worlds’ small text got big back in November, and now it can be made bigger.

Or smaller sized. As soon as Patch 1.3 launches later on this week, The option is the user’s. The newest upgrade for Obsidian Home entertainment’s sci-fi role-playing game presents a font scaling choice to the majority of the interface. This suggests players might now choose a typeface from a series of sizes. An upgrade about a month after the game’s release added a large-type choice.

If you wonder what this suggests precisely, well, here’s a take a look at the scaling in action, thanks to Nate McDorman, a UI developer for Obsidian.

The typeface scaling choice likewise features coloring to enhance its exposure, so one hopes this addresses The Outer Worlds text for great! Tiny type was among the couple of nettlesome disadvantages to the game when it got here Oct. 25, 2019 for PlayStation 4, Windows PC, and Xbox One.

Other changes coming with the title update consist of ultrawide screen assistance for packing screens and cinematic series, a brand-new HUD setting choice for the reticle, the capability to toggle sprint (rather of hold a button for the command), and a brand-new “Invert X-Axis” setting, if you’re an overall contrarian about control plans or simply wish to troll a housemate who stopped briefly the game and went to the washroom.

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