SNL wrap-up: Daniel Craig spoofs Bond, Debbie Downer returns

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Saturday Night Live attempts to respond to a concern that, truthfully, I have not pondered over all the years of viewing Bond flicks: For all the time he invests in gambling establishments, measuring this arms dealership or that megalomaniac, how does 007 in fact construct out at the tables?

With Daniel Craig as last night’s host, this was the ideal opportunity to discover. He changes from debonair concealed operative to a flyover rube on his first hot streak when Bond rolls his second 7.

Unique thanks to a schnockered Heidi Gardner elbowing Bond Lady Chloe Fineman out of the method, yard-drinking buzz guy Kenan Thompson, and Kate McKinnon as the irrepressible slot machine grandmother.

The bit ends rather suddenly, however hey, Bond has to win in the end? It would not amaze me to find out that Q formulated some unique crammed dice that Bond palmed into the game.

Likewise last night, Rachel Dratch repeated her transcendent Debbie Downer function for the first time in 14 years. Yes, you check out that properly. Where the hell has she been? We have actually never ever required Deborah more than in times like these.

Dratch parachutes right back into character, however sadly, does not win an applause break like the one she got for exposing herself. The harsh reality of her fame is that Debbie needs to permanently take on the 2004 debut that made Jimmy Fallon, Amy Poehler, and Lindsay Lohan break character.

Saturday Night Live has the next 2 weeks off, then returns March 28 with John Krasinski (The Office, Amazon’s Jack Ryan) hosting.

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