If John Wick was a deck-building game, it would be called Fights in Tight Spaces

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Fights in Tight Spaces is a brand-new turn-based tactical card game pertaining to PC and consoles at some point in2020 It utilizes deck-building mechanics, made popular by games such as Kill the Spire, to choreograph its harsh hand-to-hand battle series on small, thematic maps. In movement, it looks like an inspired mashup of Firaxis’ XCOM, Superhot, and the John Wick series.

” The game blends deck-building, turn-based methods, and thrilling animated battle series in timeless action-movie settings,” states a press release. “Find out to stabilize your hand, momentum, and placing to conquer the chances to beat your enemies.”

Today’s statement was likewise accompanied by a trailer, which is ingrained above and on YouTube.

The game is being developed by the indie team at Ground Shatter. Their previous game is called Rico, “procedurally-generated action film FPS” with primarily favorable evaluations on Steam. Joining them as publisher is Mode 7, whose previous deal with the Frozen Synapse series (another turn-based gem) will be important in polishing the final item. A Discord server is now up and running, and designers guarantee fans will be able to participate in beta screening soon.

Gameplay will focus on a set of more than 150cards Levels will consist of random occasions, injuries and enthusiasts, and an upgrade course that will boost your moveset gradually. The project likewise has a page on Steam, where you can add it to your wishlist.

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