Shaun of the Dead remake arrives courtesy of Simon Pegg and Nick Frost

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As concerns over what we must and should not do throughout the unfolding COVID-19 pandemic grow in number, stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost have actually helpfully actioned in with a PSA that riffs on their functions in Edgar Wright’s 2004 zombie funny Shaun of the Dead.

One of the most well-known scenes in the movie features their characters creating a strategy to handle the zombies (and, significantly, disregarding a newscaster’s suggestions to remain inside your home). The video Pegg and Frost published follows the exact same beats as the 2 share a telephone call, encouraging following NHS guidelines, calling out apparently insensitive jokes in their own film and the dreadful results of their characters having actually not remained within, and satirizing individuals hoarding bathroom tissue.

Director Edgar Wright has also shared the video with the caption, “Do not go to the Winchester,” in referral to the club the characters in Shaun of the Dead wind up in, rather suggesting going to “the virtual Winchester” by remaining in and streaming the film.

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