An epic DC and Marvel crossover? Comics pros want it and have ideas

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With the 25 th anniversary of the last DC and Marvel Comics crossover approaching, and the American comics market in a state of deep unpredictability, author Gail Simone started a minute of favorable Twitter energy with one easy concern: What would you like to see in a brand-new Marvel/DC crossover?

And a few of Marvel and DC’s greatest developers have addressed, with the hashtag #PleaseMarvelDC.

Fan knowledge states there’s a deep divide in between Marvel and DC comics, however amongst the folks who make those comics, it’s uncommon to discover anybody who’s just operated at among the 2 superhero juggernauts. With all that cross pollination, you ‘d believe we ‘d get crossovers more frequently, however it hasn’t occurred considering that 1996’s DC vs. Marvel/Marvel vs. DC, which itself generated the very ’90 s Amalgam Universe, which was occupied by mashup characters like Dark Claw (Batman/Wolverine), Physician Strangefate (Physician Strange/Doctor Fate), and Super- Soldier (Superman/Captain America).

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DC and Marvel sporadically taken part in various weird crossovers even before then, however at the time just one of them was the subsidiary of a worldwide media corporation. Disney’s 2009 acquisition of Marvel quashed lots of hopes of a go back to intercompany crossovers– or perhaps reprinted editions of those crossovers. This one, from 2003,goes for a lowest price of $44.22 on Amazon


Gail Simone has actually composed comics for both business in her profession, cutting her teeth on Marvel’s Deadpool, and carrying on to DC’s Birds of Victim and Marvel Lady. And she has something in mind for 2021 and the 25- year-anniversary of the last time DC and Marvel collaborated.

A day later on, lots of fans have weighed in with characters they ‘d like to see fulfill, and the developers they ‘d like to see craft that conference.

And after Spider-Man scribe Christos Gage tweeted about claiming characters for yourself, well …

Fuck it, considering that it’ll never ever take place, call dibs on your post- pester Marvel/DC crossover. I call Kamandi/Devil Dinosaur.

— Christos Gage (@Christosgage)March 25, 2020

Lots of developers weighed in in the replies. Developers like Superman artist Jerry Ordway:

Machine man/Metal Men? New Gods/Eternals? Guardians of the Galaxy/ Legion of Superheroes? Nova/Green Lantern?

— Jerry Ordway (@JerryOrdway)March 25, 2020

Kurt Busiek, author of Marvels and The Avengers:

Jonah Hex/Tomazooma

Red Wolf/Scalphunter

Binky’s Buddies/Patsy & Her Friends

Burial Place of Dracula/Night Force

Night Nurse/I … Vampire

World Terry/Star Hawkins


— Kurt Busiek Withstands (@KurtBusiek)March 25, 2020

Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza, in what’s definitely a joke about how Deadpool was produced:


— Fabian Nicieza (@FabianNicieza)March 25, 2020

Investigator Comics scribe Cully Hamner:

I ‘d want Daredevil/Nightwing.

— Cully Hamner (@CullyHamner)March 25, 2020

DC Superhero Ladies and Wonder Lady ’77 author Amanda Deibert:

Captain Marvel/ Batwoman

— Amanda Deibert (@amandadeibert)March 25, 2020

Black Panther author Reginald Hudlin:

Killmonger artist Juan Ferreyra:

Catwoman/black Widow!

— Juan Ferreyra (@juaneferreyra)March 25, 2020

DCeased and Wolverine author Tom Taylor:

Wonder Lady scribe and Ms. Marvel co-creator G. Willow Wilson:

I enjoy this concept.

— G. Willow Wilson (@GWillowWilson)March 24, 2020

And lastly, Dark Nights Metal designer, author of Batman and Justice League, Scott Snyder, with a strong proposal:

So how about it, Marvel and DC? In 2021, fans and developers can have bit a crossover, as a reward?

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