Sega unveils Sega Shiro, apparently the son of mascot Segata Sanshiro

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Sega has actually had its share of not-so-successful and effective mascots (sorry, Alex Kidd, we understand you attempted) over the years, however couple of have actually been as cool as Segata Sanshiro, the star oflate ’90s advertisements for the Sega Saturn Segata Sanshiro was a no-nonsense martial arts master who motivated individuals to play Saturn games like Sonic R, Shining Force 3, and Burning Rangers after seriously beating their asses.

Segata Sanshiro had an amazing theme song, and he exercised by carrying around (and punching) a huge white Sega Saturn. Brief, he is justifiably more popular amongst Sega fans than the adorable middle-management mascot Hidekazu Yukawa, a Dreamcast-era executive who was on the getting end of beatdowns from PlayStation-loving kids in Japanese TELEVISION commercials.

For Sega’s 60 th anniversary, the spirit of Segata Sanshiro is returning. Meet Sega Shiro, a brand-new business mascot with an essential connection toSegata Maito Fujioka, the star who plays Sega Shiro, is the real-life son of star Hiroshi Fujioka, the guy who represented SegataSanshiro Hiroshi Fujioka is most likely more popular for his function as the initial Kamen Rider, Takeshi Hongo.

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Sega Shiro’s function at Sega is still rather mystical. His debut industrial mainly has the good-looking high-schooler appearing and screaming “Sega dayo!” His attire likewise includes what appears to be a judo gi curtained over his shoulders, no doubt a recommendation to the character’s progenitor, Segata.

On Sega’s website, the business states it has “unique material” prepared for June 3, 2020, the official 60 th anniversary of the starting of Sega.

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