Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ photo island and Harvey are creepy now

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ photo mode is a true blessing that illuminates my social media feed every day. Animal Crossing’s photo island, on the other hand, sneaks me the hell out.

Harvey is a hippie pet who presents camping areas in an Animal Crossing: upgrade, and as his look recommends, he’s a quite chill character becausegame Harvey makes a return in New Horizons about a week into the game, and his ambiance is totally various.

Harvey welcomes players to visit his island, which is in fact a full- blown photography studio where players can establish scenes. Even better, you can import Amiibo to see old buddies– and who does not wish to have an enjoyable time with buddies? It’s a concept that sounds great on paper, till you see the real execution.

The first thing you’ll keep in mind upon going into Harvey’s residence is that there’s absolutely nothing there other than a sofa, a cam, a spotlight, and a director’s chair. It is a leather sofa, which makes contrasts to the infamous *ography casting couch inescapable. This is not the sort of association I desire in a slice-of-life Nintendo game, and upon seeing it, Harvey’s whole character altered for me. The puppy went from being an easygoing character, to a sleaze ball with suspect inspirations.

Why does he have this studio? Why does it live in a remote location that you can just get to through helicopter? Something about everything does not sit best with me.

I left there right away, however the other studio set-ups aren’t better. In some way, being totally empty makes spaces feel even worse– specifically in the studio themed to look like a kid’s bed room.

Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through Polygon.

I have a multitude of Amiibo cards, so the first thing I did was generate Roald, my ideal round kid. I mored than happy to see him, till I saw that you can’t engage with him at all. Characters in this mode will simply stand there, with a blank appearance in their face, totally mute and waiting to be positioned. Unless you inform them to do something, the characters aredead


Image: Nintendo EPD/Nintendo through Polygon.

It’s *ing unusual. I felt bad for bringing Roald into this hell, and questioned if some sinister, Yeerk-like force was avoiding him from doing what he desired. Was Roald caught someplace in this lifeless body? What have I done?

I make certain that some people will have the ability to utilize Harv’s island to terrific impact, to inform stories and phase fancy scenes that aren’t possible in the basegame Utilizing Harv’s island will likewise net you unique character posters that you can’t get anywhere else. I do not care. I ‘d rather be stuck on tarantula island than ever action foot on Harvey’s studio ever once again.

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