Castlevania-Like Platformer Rogue Legacy Is Getting A New-Look Sequel

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Cellar Door Games has actually exposed that a sequel to roguelike action platformer Rogue Legacy is now in advancement.

When the following tease appeared on social media,

The statement started on 1st April. At the time, it wasn’t precisely clear whether the tweet was really an April Fools’ trick.

#April2nd— CellarDoorGames (@CellarDoorGames)April 1, 2020

Fortunately, that turned out not to be the case, as a follow- up message validated that yes, it truly is taking place. Fans of the original will right away observe a visual overhaul, with brand-new screenshots exposing a brand-new hand-drawn visual which we ‘d argue is much more aesthetically appealing that the retro design used formerly.

Your Legacy continues#RogueLegacy2— CellarDoorGames (@CellarDoorGames)April 2, 2020

It makes sure to be one to watch on, particularly with how great the first game was when it released on Switch back in2018 Make sure to read our full review to see why you ought to most likely provide it a try if you missed out on out on that first release. We’ll leave a bit for you below:

Rogue Legacy is a basic take on the tried-and-true roguelike formula, however it performs what it sets out to do extremely well, producing a satisfying and constantly replayable action adventure that no fan of the category will wish to lose out on. A high problem level, amusing writing, tight controls and fulfilling RPG mechanics make this one an uncomplicated suggestion; the style of the game makes it simple to play in long sessions or brief bursts, which indicates it’s a terrific suitable for the Switch. If you delighted in Dead Cells, Castlevania, or any 2D sidescroller because design, you’re practically particular to have a blast with this one.

Particular platforms have not been exposed right now, however we ‘d be really stunned if the brand-new game didn’t wind up on Switch. We’ll watch out for more news on Rogue Legacy 2 as it appears.

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