PowerA Releasing Minecraft Enhanced Wireless Controller For Switch, Out Later This Week

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Have you been waiting on a Minecraft themed Pro Controller for the Nintendo Switch? Well, here’s an enhanced wireless one from the accessory producerPowerA It’s due out in the United States later today on 10 th April, according to a listing on Amazon, and will be priced at $4999

As you can be seen, it looks like a Minecraft yard block and is type of similar to that restricted edition Minecraft Xbox One S launched in2017 According to the listing, it’s the exact same as other PowerA controllers for the Switch and is formally accredited by Nintendo and Mojang, and features a two-year restricted service warranty.

Built for convenience throughout extended gaming sessions, this Bluetooth 5.0 wireless controller consists of movement controls, mappable sophisticated gaming buttons, and basic ergonomic design. Enjoy as much as 30 hours of gameplay with brand-new alkaline batteries (other variables impact playtime) or add your own rechargeable batteries. When Nintendo Switch is docked or undocked, can be utilized. Does not support HD rumble, IR, or amiibo NFC.

On an associated note, next month on 26 th May, Minecraft Dungeons gets here on the Switch and numerous other platforms. Is this the type of themed controller you’ve been waiting on? Leave a comment down below.

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