How to play as Sova in Valorant

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Sova is an Initiator character so he’s fantastic at establishing battles. His capabilities enable him to get his team a bit of additional details so they understand precisely what they’re up versus. His signature capability is Reconnaissance Bolt, which enables him to discover enemy positions, making Sova strong on both Attack and Defense. Even if his scan turns up empty, you can still utilize it to limit the enemy’s area.

While he stands out at scouting, Sova’s got a lot of other capabilities that make him strong, here’s a take a look at each one and a couple of suggestions on how to utilize them.

Capability: Shock Bolt

Sova preparing to shoot his Shock Bolt
Image: Riot Games through Polygon.

Fire an explosive bolt that produces a harmful pulse of fixed energy upon effect.


  • Sova’s Shock Bolt is fantastic at clearing locations you can’t see. If you’re approaching a website, the simplest thing to do is consider where you would stand if you were attempting to protect the website, and shoot an arrow at that area.
  • This arrow does a fair bit of damage, however it isn’t sufficient to eliminate a full health gamer, so you should not utilize it as a weapon replacement. Rather, it’s best to utilize this to soften targets from far, instead of combating them straight.

Capability: Owl Drone

The view from within Sova’s Owl Drone
Image: Riot Games through Polygon.

Release a pilotable drone that can fire a dart that will Expose opponents who are struck.


  • While you’re utilizing the Owl, Sova will stall, so it is essential to make certain you’re in a safe location of the map prior to you jump into the drone.
  • It’s frequently an excellent concept to have a colleague follow your drone a couple of actions behind. If an enemy gamer shoots the drone they won’ t be prepared when your colleague strolls in behind it.

Signature Capability: Reconnaissance Bolt

Sova preparing to shoot his Reconnaissance Bolt
Image: Riot Games through Polygon.

Fire a bolt that releases a finder emitter. The finder pings tag close-by opponents, triggering them to be exposed. Can be ruined.


  • This capability can’t see players through walls, so you have to make certain the location you desire exposed is within the arrow’s view.
  • The Reconnaissance Bolt can bounce up to 2 times by utilizing the alternate fire– best click by default. This suggests you can bounce it off of walls to reach locations that may not be safe to fire it straight into.
  • This capability charges after a brief amount of time, enabling you to utilize it numerous times perround
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Ultimate: Hunter’s Fury

Sova utilizing Hunter’s Fury
Image: Riot Games through Polygon.

Fire up to 3 lethal energy blasts that spear throughout the map. Each hit enemy takes heavy damage and is marked.


  • While your Ultimate is geared up, you can see a preview of where it will go on the minimap. It goes through walls, however you still have to make certain the height of the shot is proper. Attempt to keep in mind which parts of the map rise and which parts aren’t prior to shooting.
  • Hunter’s Fury can be fantastic for getting a kill, however it’s even much better for rejecting a location. If you understand the enemy players are attempting to leave a door, the Ultimate can avoid them from going out while your team advances. Even much better, if you plant the Spike, you can utilize Hunter’s Fury to stop the enemy team from pacifying while you’re standing a safe range away.

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