Animal Crossing: New Horizons fans are hiring turnip bouncers now

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“There’s been a few horror stories about others inviting strangers to their islands and having their items ransacked, or trades not being carried out in full,” states New Horizons gamer ottermochi, who spoke with Polygon over e-mail. “People have started to create measures to combat this, such as setting up trade posts at the front of their islands to limit the areas where strangers can run.”

And, in ottermochi’s case, they have actually even started hiring other players to serve as ‘security’ within their islands, and these guns-for-hire are described as in-gamebouncers Ottermochi worked with 2 bouncers with whom all earnings and suggestions were shared– however the concept in basic has actually gone viral, with other players trying the principle, too.

The bouncers aren’t there for decors. They have tasks. In ottermochi’s set-up, one bouncer was set to obstruct store gain access to, to make certain people didn’t go into prior to honoring their preliminary trade arrangement that was talked about prior to getting here on the island. The other bouncer, on the other hand, was entrusted with getting whatever folks contributed in suggestions. The goal was performance, which is essential when you have actually got a lot of complete strangers running around your island.

“I wasn’t particularly afraid of being ’scammed’ because in the end, I don’t lose anything from people selling their turnips at my store and not giving a donation,” ottermochi clarifies, including that, “but my idea started when I wanted to start sharing my prices because my shop is kind of in an inconvenient location, so I wanted to fence off a path toward the shop so people can quickly move in and out.”

The bouncers are, naturally, ottermochi’s friends, however when the New Horizons gamer talked them into it, she wasn’t anticipating her good friends to show up in a real security clothing. That was a benefit that fit the style completely.

“Another friend of ours just suffered a huge turnip loss the previous day,” ottermochi states, “so we decided to invite her too and promised her an equal cut of the profits so she could break even again, so we got a second security.”

At first it started as simply a “cute” and “funny” principle to experiment with, however the concept got enough compliments that she’s pleased she went through with it.

“I ended up enjoying the scenario itself over receiving gifts from sellers,” ottermochi states.

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