Don’t Worry – Sony Is Aware That PSVR Is Dated And Needs An Upgrade

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If you believe that Sony does not understand that its extremely popular PlayStation VR technology is dated, don’t worry– it most definitely does thanks to remarks from nDreams CEO Patrick O’Luanaigh in an interview with

“I think Sony knows that, if VR is going to continue beyond the next year or two, they need to update their hardware,” he mentions. “Because it is dated, and it will be even more dated by then. I’d be very surprised if they didn’t continue to support VR.”

Making its debut back in October 2016, it’s reasonable to state that even at the point of release that PSVR was currently dated– thanks to its dependence on the fairly modest base requirements of the PlayStation 4 and its usage of the PlayStation Move controllers from the previous console generation.

Still in spite of such constraints, PSVR went on to offer by the truckload thanks to something that the other VR platforms did not have– specifically fantastic games that were much more than simply VR experiences, nicely snagging Sony supremacy of the VR scene at the same time. This was confirmed by Sony which back in January verified that PSVR had actually offered over 5 million systems, guaranteeing that the PlayStation developed headset as soon as again commanded the lion’s share of the VR market share.

Perhaps, it’s now other headsets such as the Oculus Quest that possibly best represent the future of VR today, boasting a total absence of cable televisions and effectively developed controllers that are a galaxy far from the awkward cabling of PSVR and its inelegant PlayStation Move wands.

Will PSVR 2 follow a comparable course when Sony lastly choose to raise the cover on it? We’ll need to see and wait, however at the minimum it’s revitalizing that Sony understands it has a lot to do in order to remain on top of the VR space.


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