Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 Introduces New Skins

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New Fortnite Season Introduces New Battle Pass Skins

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 2 is now live across all platforms, and it brings with a wealth of new features. One such feature is new Fortnite skins that accompany new rewards, locations, Fortnite items, and more. The new skins introduced by Epic Games into Fortnite Battle Royale predominantly revolve around the new Agency theme, with the two new factions (Ghost and Shadow) playing a major role.


Owners of the premium bundle on the Battle Pass will be able to unlock the mighty Brutus skin. Within the game, there will be 18 Brutus’ Briefing list challenges for you to take part in. This will allow you to unlock the Ghost or Shadow variations of his skins.

Brutus will be the first skin that you come across. Over the coming weeks, the challenges will unlock, allowing you to strut your stuff across the island as the character.


The tier 100 skin introduced is Midas, who comes with two variants as others do. His rather dastardly appearance is emphasized by the two choices, with only the donning of the Ghost skin offering hope that Midas could be a good guy after all.

More importantly, Midas has a special power like no other—the Midas Touch if you will. This allows Midas to turn what the touches, specifically vehicles, guns, and gold. This will last for the duration of the match too, so gold fans should make the most of it!

Agent Peely

Everybody’s favorite banana is back, and he’s looking rather suave this time around. The two new factions play a key role in the skins available as stated before, and Peely is no exception to this rule.

With certain Battle Pass skins, you have to complete weekly challenges in order to unlock these faction features. This doesn’t apply to Peely, however, and Battle Pass owners will have immediate access to the Ghost and Shadow options. These present a white and black tux option respectively, depending on your preference.


Maya is possibly the most innovative skin we have seen so far. She comes with a variety of customization options that will be unique to the player and what they choose. These options range from choosing her hair, boots, tattoos, and more. As the weeks progress, new challenges will be available for the player to take part in. By doing so, you will be able to unlock a new part to customize for the skin.

These challenges will conclude on Week 10, after which you will have unlocked all of the customization options for the character. So, if you are doing the challenges along the way, she is bound to look a lot different from how she did in week 1. One thing that you will notice with the new skins is that each is equipped with a Ghost or Shadow option, akin to the new factions. This doesn’t apply to Maya, which may not be the Fortnite news you were looking for. However, given the depth of her customization options, this won’t really make much of a difference.


Meanwhile, a more explosive character enters the fray with TNTina. Equipped with a Boom! emote and the Toon Blast special power, fans will be able to experience the first transformative emote skin. By using her Boom! emote, players will be able to turn into a cel-shaded cartoon form of the character, adding a rather quirky twist to the skin.

Naturally, her Shadow skin is darker than the often white-themed Ghost skin. The former offers a bat-themed skin, while the latter has a “love” tattoo showing on her arm. Whatever your preference, this has the potential to be one of the standout skins on the battlefield.


Then there’s Meowscles! I feel like this could be quite the divisive skin among the new additions. It’s an interesting concept to have a fan-made skin implemented into the game, but there is something odd about the battle royale title from Epic Games having such a ripped-looking cat on the island.

Nevertheless, Meowscles has a ‘Pump Pose’ emote to flex his impressive physique. So, if a majorly pumped kitty is something that you want to showcase in battle, then this is definitely the skin for you.


Skye seems to break the cycle in terms of the light Ghost dark Shadow thing the new skins have going on. While her Shadow outfit does have that dark touch to it, her Ghost skin offers a green, almost adventurer-like skin should players choose.

Meanwhile, Skye seems to have a hat-based companion called Ollie, as well as a unique glider and emote. The styles here are a bit more left-field than the others, making Skye a bit more of a standout choice.


Last but certainly not least is Deadpool. The Merc with a Mouth was a surprise inclusion with the new season and will have players hunting down secrets throughout the coming weeks just to unlock him.

You can find Deadpool’s hideout within the new lobby menu by clicking on the vent. Here, you will find a bathroom that has seen better days, but this is where you will start the challenges needed to unlock Wade himself.

That’s all we have for the Season 2 Fortnite skins. What’s certain is that each skin offers a unique experience to the game, so it is well worth visiting the Fortnite shop to find out more. Epic Games appear to be pulling out all the stops this season to keep players engaged, and there’s more to look forward to as the weeks roll on!

What are your thoughts on the new Fortnite skins? Let us know in the comments section below!

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