Paper Mario: Sticker Star’s Serial Key Mystery Remains Unsolved 7 Years Later

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Paper Mario: Sticker Star released on the Nintendo 3DS back in late 2012, bringing the Paper Mario series to a portable console for the extremely first time. It does not tend to be remembered rather as fondly as some other titles from the series, however still to this day it holds one of its biggest secrets.

If you played through the game yourself and have a respectable memory, you may almost keep in mind getting what seems a serial code. In W5-1 Shy Man Jungle, you can come across a paper that checks out,”XD3R-B8HH-9ZR2-FL16″ It’s especially notable thanks to the reality that other documents discovered within the game do not include codes like this, rather describing other in-game characters and the like.

Oddly, searching the web for hints on what it might be utilized for raises more confusion than anything; even now, no one appears to have any hint whether the serial key can really be utilized on any service. 16- digit codes are typically utilized on Nintendo stores – like when downloading games from the Switch’s eShop – however the code is never ever legitimate. What is it?

You can see the code be gotten at around the 9-minute mark in the video below:


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