Animal Crossing: New Horizons patch tries fixing broken bell economy

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ big Earth Day upgrade went live a little earlier than anticipated, and in addition to generating new suppliers like Leif the sloth, the patch also tries putting a band-aid on the game’s hyper-inflated economy.

When you visit, your mail box ought to consist of a new letter from the Bank of Nook which notifies you that from now on, the interest rate made on kept bells will decrease. The letter is regretful, providing players a present in exchange for the “inconvenience.” It’s … a giant bell bag carpet! No particular numbers are shared, however essentially, you must anticipate to get less bells from the bank thanks to thepatch


Why would Nintendo do this? Well, it’s no secret that the Animal Crossing economy is hilariously simple to game today. Thanks to sites like, you can constantly discover an island with a terrific veggie-buying cost. Or possibly you have an excellent network of buddies who can provide you continuous access to the bug or fish suppliers acquiring catches at a premium? Possibly you went ham on tarantula island? Maybe you, like lots of others, replicated the heck out of some expensive products back prior to that make use of was covered out? Possibly you’re time traveling your method to riches?

Genuinely, the opportunities for ending up being a bellionare are huge. While it’s not likely that lots of folks completely counted on the bank interest to generate the bells, it’s one of the couple of things Nintendo does have control over. I’m thinking this will do little to stop folks from having millions in the bank.

You can check out more about what remains in the big April upgrade here.

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