PUBG’s season 7 trailer shows off the trains and Dinoland on new Vikendi

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is back for its seventh season, and this time around there’s an updated version of Vikendi for players to check out. This spot has actually been on the test server for the past week, however PUBG Corp. has actually launched a trailer that offers players a preview of the island’s new upgrades now that it’s live for everybody.

The PUBG season 7 gameplay trailer starts in Vikendi’s new theme park, Dinoland, where one team ambushes another to start a firefight. The new park is full of vibrant structures for players to eliminate through, and lots of life-sized dinosaur sculptures, which change the old, broken down amusement park trips from the original version of the map.

After the short battle in the park, the trailer relocations on to the focal point of the new Vikendi: thetrains Season 7’s Vikendi has 2 trains that continuously run throughout the island. In the trailer, players utilize the trains for fast leaves and, naturally, huge shootouts. While some players battle on the train, another team drives along with side it, shooting at both teams, which ought to provide you some concept of the new sort of mayhem that arepossible


Together With all these new Vikendi places, the PUBG season 7 trailer also offers us a peek at the game’s new weapon, the Mosin-Nagant, a bolt-action sniper rifle. You can see it on the backs of a number of players, and also utilized by the sniper in the shipping backyard throughout thetrailer While the Mosin-Nagant is technically a new weapon, it acts practically identically to PUBG’s Kar98 K, which has actually remained in the game considering that it introduced.

PUBG’s season 7 patch, together with the new version of Vikendi, isout on PC now The spot is arranged to show up on consoles on April28


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