Get trophies in Predator: Hunting Grounds | How to get skull cosmetics

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There are lots of methods to get Predator: Hunting Grounds trophies since there is much significance to that expression. The game is on PS4 so you can get PlayStation trophies for finishing particular obstacles. There are trophy kills you can get as the Predator. how do you get skull cosmetics in Predator: Hunting Grounds?

Get trophies in Predator: Hunting Grounds|How to get skull cosmetics

There are lots of cosmetics that you can place on your Predator like skin types, body types, masks, “Predlocks,” warpaint, and more These are little skulls that hang off your behind as you play, advising you of your past hunts. how do you get these trophies?

Regretfully, you simply have to await luck to be on your side considering that they appear to just be in Field Lockers, the game’s loot box system There does not appear to be an alternate method, which is sort of what the game indicates by disallowing you from acquiring them. They are unique, too, which implies they are the hardest to discover. And this uses to the wolf, bobcat, and coyote skulls considering that they’re all unique trophies.

Once Again, these are going to be super uncommon. Out of the 45 Field Lockers, I have actually opened, I have actually perhaps just gotten one or more exotics. There is a lot of cosmetics, too, so your opportunities for getting exotics out of whatever is rather slim.

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