Gears Tactics Customization | Is there character creation and cosmetics?

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Unlike the main Gears of War titles, Gears Tactics permits you to tailor some components of your soldiers in between missions. Character customization in Gears Tactics not just lets you customize your soldiers, however it’s also important to equip them with gear that improves their statistics and provides new capabilities. The cosmetics in this game permit you to alter the hairdos and devices your characters sport. In addition, each time you switch gear, the appearance of your equipment will differ.

The character customization in Gears Tactics isn’t as comprehensive as XCOM, however that’s since the majority of your characters aren’t blank slates. A great part of your team have actually specified characters, so you can’t go Mr. Potato Head on them. You’ll still get an excellent selection of cosmetic options like paint, products, tattoos, and what not to deceive your system out.

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How do you tailor characters in Gears Tactics?

You’ll get a chance to tailor your systems in Gears Tactics in between every mission. On the Barracks screen, you can level up your soldiers, equip them with new gear, and customize how weapons and armor appearance along with your character’s cosmetics.

Each piece of equipment in Gears Tactics can be personalized in a variety of various patterns, products, and colors. Some armor has specialized colors that are distinct to that specific piece of gear. When you start Gears Tactics, you’ll have a large selection of options when it pertains to personalizing apparel, and as you play through the game, you’ll open more.

Can you develop your own character in Gears Tactics?

Sadly, character creation in Gears Tactics is automated. For non-main characters you can alter things like:

HairstyleHair ColorsFacial HairFacial Hair ColorTattoosFacial ScarsScarsHeadgearUpper Face AccessoriesLower Face AccessoriesUndershirtName

For the main characters, just the alternative to alter the undershirt is offered.

Aside from the options above, each hired cannon fodder is pre-generated. Things like gender, facial structure, complexion, and other physical attributes are pre-determined and can’t be altered.

What cosmetics can you get in Gears Tactics

Gears Tactics uses a wide array of cosmetic options for characters. Weapon parts and armor alter the appearance of your soldier. In addition, you can acquire helmets that cover your soldier’s face, even on the main characters. Thankfully, if you desire the stat increase of the helmet, however still desire your character’s head exposed, there’s a toggle helmet button. If you desire to show off your character’s sweet tats, you can also toggle the sleeves of armor off and on.

Sadly, there’s not a way to set a specific piece of gear as a cosmetic alternative while getting the stat advantages of another. Given that you’re going to be changing equipment so frequently, your most substantial cosmetic options will be:

Main Gear ColorGear Accent ColorMetal (Products)Gear Patterns

Some pieces of equipment have distinct color options. All gear can equip the following options:

Main/Accent Colors:

Ash GrayBeigeBlueBright PurpleBright RedBright YellowBrownCrimsonDark BlueDark BrownDeep BlueDustFuchsiaGoldenrodGrayGreenJungle GreenLight BlueMilitary GreenNeon GreenPurpleRedSandy BrownSea GreenTealTurquoiseUIRVivid PurpleWhite

Metals (Products)

Damaged AlloyBattered CeramicBattered ChromeBattered GunmetalBattered SteelCar PaintChromeComposite MetalDefault MetalGunmetalPainted SteelWorn AlloyWorm CeramicWorn ChromeWorn GunmetalWorn Steel


AmoebaBricksBrushedCamouflageConcreteDanger ZoneDiamond PlateEaselFibersFleckedFlowForestGemstoneHexHillsHoneycombLeopardMosaicPavementPlateQuiltRipplesRopesScannerShadowShatteredSinisterStarsStitchedStreaksTigerWavesWebWoven

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