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Samsung Q1 results shows increased smartphone profits despite COVID-19

Samsung has posted its quarterly report for the January – March 2020 duration and it does not look that bad. The business met experts’ expectations and exposed a small income decrease on a quarterly basis due to seasonality, however, profits increased compared to Q1 2019.

The mobile business reported less income than 12 months earlier, however operating revenues increased. Despite a decline in delivered systems, the launch of the Galaxy S20 lineup and broadening its 5G portfolio permitted the Korean business to restore its success.

(in KRW/
Mobile Division
Mobile Division
Operating profit
Operating Profit
Q1 2020 26 trillion /
21.5 billion
2.65 trillion /
2.1 billion
55.33 trillion /
45.8 billion
6.45 trillion /
5.34 billion
Q1 2019 27.2 trillion /
22.5 billion
2.27 trillion /
1.8 billion
52.39 trillion /
43.4 billion
6.23 trillion /
5.16 billion

Samsung exposed expectations for Q2 2020 are need to drop dramatically in a lot of areas due to a financial decline, brought on by COVID-19. Both sales and total business efficiency will decline after numerous stores were closed and people all of a sudden were left without earnings, for that reason they can’t manage to purchase a new phone.

Samsung is not making any vibrant forecasts for the rest of 2020, however, one thing makes sure – all makers will intend to decrease the effect, heightening the total smartphone market competition. The business exposed new collapsible and Note models ought to be anticipated, along with much better 5G adoption to mass-market mobile phones.


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