Leaks confirm modular Windows 10 X supports traditional devices

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Microsoft is apparently moving its focus for its modular Windows 10 operating system ’10 X’ to put it on single screen devices, like basic clamshell laptop computers, 2-in-1s, and note pads.

Windows 10 X will not deliver with the dual-screen Surface area Neo this year and Microsoft is customizing Windows 10 X to support it on single-screen devices. It’s also worth keeping in mind that Microsoft won’t enable dual-screen devices from OEMs with Windows 10 X in 2020.

While Microsoft still thinks in the dual-screen vision, the business obviously wishes to test the OS with a big group of users, and single-screen is what clients are searching for today. That makes good sense as Windows Experts might test develops of Windows 10 X and offer real feedback to the business.

A single-screen Windows 10 X laptop might also produce a Chromebook rival.

Surprisingly, Windows 10 X Emulator was just recently updated with a hidden single-screen mode, which confirms that the Redmond company is certainly testing the modular OS for traditional clamshell laptop computers and convertibles.

Windows 10X single screen

The above image show off Windows 10 X working on a big single-screen gadget.

Windows 10 X makes Windows 10 more modular so that Microsoft can take pieces of the operating system and use them as required for single-screen, other, and dual-screen ingenious hardware.

Microsoft might add, customize, and get rid of basic parts of Windows 10 X for various types of aspects.

Windows 10 X includes a new interface, however, it is still the extension of the architecture changes which were first presented in Windows 10.

The business and OEMs are also enabled to alter the location of the taskbar and Start menu as required. You’ll be able to use the center-aligned Start menu or traditional left- lined up Start menu, depending on the hardware where the OS is running.

Microsoft is anticipated to reveal Windows 10 X for single-screen devices later on this month throughout the Build 2020 virtual conference.

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