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COLORFUL Launches its latest line-up of Intel motherboards

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Colorful Technology has announced its latest line-up of Intel motherboards including the Intel Z490 chipset– the iGame Z490 VULCAN X V20 and CVN Z490 GAMING PRO V20motherboards Designed to support the latest 10th generation Intel Core processors, these motherboards feature the latest cutting-edge technologies to produce the ultimate desktop PC for high-performance gaming and content production.

For faster networking, the latest COLORFUL Z490 series motherboards come equipped with the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard and 2.5 Gigabit LAN. The motherboards also sport new looks with futuristic styling with immersive RGB lighting. It also features innovative thermal technologies to keep the system running smoothly and steadily.

iGame Z490 Vulcan X V20: Serious Power for Power Users


The iGame Z490 Vulcan X V20 loads severe firepower to knockout triple-A games and demanding content production workloads with a mix of the latest technologies and innovative thermal cooling. The iGame Z490 Vulcan X V20 supports approximately a 10-core 10th generation Intel Core processor, and its 12 +2 power phase design provides excellent CPU overclocking for innovative users. It sports futuristic CyberPunk styling with immersive RGB lighting in numerous lighting zones. The motherboard has dual Turbo M. 2 slots with Intel Optane Technology assistance for the latest and fastest NVMe drives. For lag-free gaming, the iGame Z490 Vulcan X V20 comes with an Intel 2.5 Gigabit LAN and an Intel Wi-Fi 6 wireless networking. The iGame Z490 Vulcan X is the perfect option for power users that wants to harness the full power of the 10th generation Intel Core processors.

Key Features:

  • 14-phase IPP iGame Pure Power: 12+2 Power Phase design with 8+4 pin ATX power connectors to provide excellent overclocking stability to the 10th generation Intel Core processor.
  • Silver Shark 2.0 Cooling Armor: Used innovative Aluminum extrusion, the heatsink armor has an improved air fin design that increases contact location, providing improved heat dissipation.
  • iGame Vacuum Heating Tube: COLORFUL’s innovative VRM MOSFET heatsink with improved heat transfer effectiveness that efficiently minimizes power supply temperature level in CPU overclocking.
  • COLORFUL Advanced BIOS: Update BIOS without CPU and memory. The BIOS has a Simple Mode providing typical users an easy to use BIOS user interface and an Advanced Mode offering full performance that satisfies the requirements of advanced users.
  • Intel Networking: Latest Intel I225- V 2.5 Gigabit LAN controller and Intel AX201 Wi-Fi 6 wireless network card to provide ultra-fast networking for gaming and content production.

CVN Z490 GAMING PRO V20: Ultimate Gaming Motherboard


The CVN Z490 GAMING PRO V20 is the ultimate gaming motherboard sporting all the necessary features for building a high-performance gaming PC. The motherboard supports approximately a 10- core 10th generation Intel Core processor and includes a 10-power phase design. The motherboard features the new iGame Dynamik Light software that controls addressable RGB lighting and synchronizes with other supported ARGB devices. The CVN Z490 GAMING PRO V20 provides immersive gaming audio with its Realtek HD audio chip with Hi-Fi Audio Chip Guard and Nichicon Audio Capacitor to provide pure high-definition audio.

Key Features:

  • iGame Dynamik Light Software: Controls supported ARGB lighting linked on the three 5V 3-Pin ARGB and two 12 V 4-Pin RGB connectors of the motherboard. The software offers full customization and synchronization with other supported ARGB devices.
  • Hi-Fi Audio and Audio Golden Line: Realtek Audio Chip with Hi-Fi Audio Chip Guard to get rid of interference and provide pure high-definition sound while Audio Golden Line efficiently minimizes the high-frequency noise.
  • Nichicon Audio Capacitor: Premium-grade capacitors that provide high-quality sound.

Motherboard Specifications:


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