Skate 4 Release Isn’t Looking Likely, As EA Apparently Doesn’t Want To Make It

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Electronic Arts apparently do not want to make Skate 4, regardless of fans of the franchise asking for a new game for several years now. Apparently, EA doesn’t feel like making money, eh?

EA Has No Plans For Skate 4

That’s at least according to Jason Dill, a professional skateboarder who also just recently leaked a new Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater title. Speaking on The Nine Club with fellow skateboarder Chris Roberts, exposing that EA is rather working on a Skate 3 for mobile.

I got a call from the EA people about ten months back, and they stated, ‘Hey, we want to talk about the Skate games.’ This woman emailed me, and she said, basically, ‘Hey Jason, we want to do a mobile version of Skate 3,’ and I wrote back and I said, ‘What else?’

She composed back, ‘No, that’s it.’ I wrote back, ‘Look, no big deal, no one wants your stupid mobile version of Skate 3 … make Skate f *** ing four already!

EA apparently reacted to Dill and said that they were not interested in making Skate 4, to which he added:

Well, have a lot of luck on Need for Speed 29. I won’t be in your stupid mobile game.

EA hasn’t stated anything about Skate 4; however, it doesn’t sound like we should get our hopes up for a new game anytime soon. Back in November last year, the publishing giant dropped the Skate trademark, suggesting nothing new was on the horizon.

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