Prison Architect Island Bound arrives June 2020, free DLC launches today

Prison Architect Island Bound has actually been announced as the next major expansion for this prison management simulator and it’s set to arrive in Summer2020 That’s not all, though the new free expansion Prison Architect Cleared For Transfer launches today!

If you have not yet played Prison Architect, it’s exactly what it says on the tin: a game where you build your really own prison Once it’s built, you choose on how best to run it, following along with objectives provided by the game Now, 2 new expansions are on the way for this game and one of them is releasing today!

Prison Architect Island Bound takes players to Alcatraz

Prison Architect Island Bound expansion Cleared For Transfer DLC map

Prison Architect Island Bound opens up a new way to run your prison by sticking it on an island according to a press release from the publisher. Ferry and helicopter options will be available to players to deliver instead of the typical trucks and buses. You’ll be able to define which items and people arrive at which ports, making it super simple to manage the movement of your incoming and outgoing prisoners.

New security objects will make searching easier than ever; these can be placed at your incoming ports or throughout the prison. The only way out is over the ocean or in the air and you’ll need to keep a mindful watch on all vehicles!

Naturally, Prison Architect is popular for special scenarios, and Island Bound does not fail to provide you’ll surely have a fun time attempting to manage Alcatraz Prison or Alcatraz Island, both of which will be consisted of with this expansion.

Prison Architect Island Bound is set to arrive in June 2020. No price has actually been announced, however, it will probably be close to the $5.99 price tag for the previous DLC Psych Ward: Warden’s Edition

Cleared For Transfer makes it easy to inmates

Prison Architect Island Bound expansion Cleared For Transfer DLC office

While you’ll have to wait until June for Island Bound, a brand new free expansion arrives today! Cleared For Transfers everything about transferring prisoners between sectors of your prison and assigning privileges to those who display good behavior.

Basically, you’ll have the ability to divide your prison up into security sectors kind of like the burrows system in Dwarf Fortress. Sectors can be limited to specific security levels or they can include a mix of prisoners. You can also appoint special privileges to prisoners based on their security level. All detainees can see which kinds of detainees get which opportunities, including an incentive for your trickier inmates to behave themselves.

Also arriving today is The Bucket, a collection of 20 new items that will let you customize your prison with even more variety.

If you do not yet already own Prison Architect, you can get it on Steam or your regional equivalent. The free Clearedfor TransferDLC launches today, and you can look forward to the launch of PrisonArchitectIslandBoundfor PC and consoles sometime in June 2020.

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