How to get a cat license and a pet cat in Terraria

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Terraria 1.4 presented a way to get a cat as a pet, which is definitely good. An indifferent animal living in your town, quietly evaluating you is precisely what every game requires. You can’t just go out and grab one. If you want to get a pet cat, you will need to put some work in for it.

Up first, you need a Zoologist NPC in your town. For this to occur, you will have to fill in 10 percent of your Bestiary. Filling your Bestiary is rather simple. All you need to do is check out the world, kill animals and monsters, and talk to NPCs. You can inspect your Bestiary in the main menu by clicking on the little book icon next to the wastebasket. To completely fill out a animal’s entry in the Bestiary, you will need to kill them various times.

When you hit 10 percent in the Bestiary, you can build a new house in your town and the Zoologist will move in, and you can then purchase a cat license from them. It will cost 5 gold. The Zoologist chooses to live in the Forest biome, and the perfect next-door neighbors will be the Witch Medical Professional and Golf Player.

When you get the cat license, use it like any other item and a cat will be summoned to your town the following day. You can pet the cat, and it will bring you provides upon celebration. Keep in mind that the Zoologist will just offer one cat license per world, so you won’ t be able to have lots of felines running around.

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