What is the parallax option in Terraria?

If you are new to Terraria, you may be confused about the Parallax option in the Settings menu. It can be found in the video options and should default to a worth of 60. The first thing we will cover is exactly what Parallax is.

Parallax scrolling is a strategy in video games where background images and foreground images can move at various speeds. The background images will move past the camera more gradually than the foreground images, providing a 3D effect, even when 2D sprites and images are being utilized in the game. There are various types of parallax scrolling, all with various benefits and drawbacks.

It’s not really crucial to go much deep on parallax scrolling that that, as we have actually covered what it does, and why.

If you want to play around with the Parallax option in Terraria, you can access the settings from the main menu. Click on Parallax and change the value to anything you like, although it is possibly a good idea to check 0 and 100 first, to see which extreme you choose the most. You can discover tune the setting to discover a scroll rate that you like.

Whether you enjoy the 3D effect that parallax scrolling gives, or the 2D effect of having it off is up to you. Some people can feel a bit ill from parallax scrolling, so if this is an issue for you it is good to know that there is a way to turn it off in the game.

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