Sucker Punch Explains The Life Of The Samurai In Ghost Of Tsushima

Sucker Punch’s current 18- minute discussion on Ghost of Tsushima exposed a lot, especially elements of the game’s combat andenvironment The video footage also offered rise to concerns about Jin’s defense of the island of Tsushima against Mongol intruders.

We spoke with director Nate Fox, diving into more aspects of the game, from Jin’s progression as a warrior to some of its secrets.

The Ghost Warrior

The Ghost Warrior

Honor is a big part of the samurai trope, however concept alone isn’t going to protect the island. Throughout the discussion, Fox described Jin’s stealth combat moves as “dishonorable,” consisting of “dirty tricks.” Nevertheless, deceptiveness and stealth assassinations are not prohibited, however extra tools the player can use as they choose, depending on how they want to approach a circumstance.

“Our hero is a samurai brought up in the code of the samurai, trained to fight enemies by looking at them straight on,” Foxsays “And then the Mongols invade, and all of his fellow samurai, most of them, all get wiped out. Now he’s finding himself radically outnumbered by the enemy, and the people that he loves are all threatened. So we have to let go of some of the things that he was trained to do throughout his entire life, in order to figure out new ways to fight back.”

As the game progresses and Jin’s famous status increases through the conclusion of mission goals, layering on more sneaky attacks (from dagger tosses to smoke bombs and well beyond) to his already sharpened sword skills, which also continue to grow. How you build out Jin’s skill tree and use his combat skills is completely up to you, and the tree also opens non-combat elements such as having the ability to use a grappling hook to assist traversal. Some combat skills can be discovered and adjusted from enemies themselves, and beauties and various armor pieces also contribute to his expertise by offering stat bumps.

One of the combat methods Jin can use is the standoff command. This is pure samurai design, skill, and blowing. You stride up to your enemies, intimidating them prior to you even draw your sword. Standoffs have to do with accurate, very little motions, and the gameplay and controls around standoffs are various than typical swordplay. As reliable, enjoyable, and remarkable as these can be– allowing you to take out numerous enemies in a single flurry– Sucker Punch does not want them to be subdued. When regular melee begins, standoffs can’t be started.

In general, the enemy A.I. efforts to collaborate its attacks, making use of not just their numerical benefit, however their technological one too– consisting of gunpowder. “ If you believe that you can roll up and sword fight a whole camp,” Fox says, “you will die.”

An Island Alive

An Island Alive

Jin’s quest to rid the island of intruders naturally takes him everywhere (Fox keeps in mind that if you can see a location you can go to it), and expedition is just as big a part of the game as putting Mongols to the sword.

Apart from some locations gated off for story factors, Tsushima is open for examination. This can expose side quests and resources, and like other achieved open-world titles, Jin can engage in random encounters to more flesh out theexperience The game runs on a vibrant day, night, and weather system, and encounters and animals follow their own regimens so they aren’t locked into a time and place, offering a natural circulation to events.

“Along the way,” Fox says, “particularly as you go out there and explore Tsushima, you’re going to meet all of these different people who are struggling to survive in this wartime environment. And all of those stories bring the invasion to life…”

Surprises of Tsushima

Surprises of Tsushima

Discovery is a key part of Ghost of Tsushima, and appropriately, there were things that Fox would not inform us, choosing to leave them as surprises. In the distance, throughout the discussion, we saw a harbor with some boats docked and drifting in a bay and one mission tasks Jin with ruining a Mongol vessel. Fox would not expose, nevertheless, if we ever get to take control of a ship throughout our adventure, so ideally that’s an indirect way of stating yes.

As far as combat goes, more secrets remain, such as an especially alluring stealth combat action timely called “slaughter.” This option (in addition to the ability to perform chain assassinations) appeared when Jin sneaks up on some uninformed enemies in a camp. Kills add to a meter at the bottom-left of the screen, relatively culminating in an action carried out by striking L1 and R1 at the same time. Whatever this releases, Fox would just state, “There are moves that the hero can do that are really pretty neat that you find by exploring the world of Tsushima.”

Lastly, in one of the discussion’s numerous agrarian minutes, Jin quietly plays a flute. Does this lead to something else, or is it just for player pleasure? Fox informed us that it has a “specific role” in the game.

The Way of The Samurai

The Way of the Samurai

The story of Ghost of Tsushima is based on real events, however not bound by them– the defense of the island in 1274 was afailure Still, the game is focused on the island and Jin’s actions as a samurai, instead of supernatural stakes. You won’ t fight monsters or dragons, for circumstances.

Instead, the game leans into our understanding of samurai through movies and popular culture, using the movies of Akira Kurosawa such as 7 Samurai and Yojimbo and comics, as motivation.

“Everything was selected because it was another prop into the fundamental identity of being a samurai, right down to the foliage moving with the wind so heavily,” Foxsays “We did that early on because, in these classic samurai movies, you often see the wind thrashing leaves and trees, but there’s one stoic samurai not moving with his sword up. And it’s that juxtaposition of a still individual with a dynamic environment that really makes them feel powerful.”

The visual tenets of samurai battles and their fighting skills come together throughout the game, and none more striking than in so-called boss battles when 2 famous swordsmen come together. The action is drastically prefaced through cinematic, letterbox framing, and the combat needs understanding of your foe’s tactics so you can successfully chain together the ideal attacks.

The game may also notify our vision of samurai through the characters Jin fulfills along his journey. Fox didn’t intricate on this point, the Jin we have actually seen so far quickly conjures the vision of famous star Toshiro Mifune as a master-less samurai in a timeless Akira Kurosawa movie. Kurosawa’s 7 Samurai, to name a few things, brings up the style of class distinctions in between samurai and peasants, and Yojimbo provides Mifune as the clever, enigmatic samurai as he skillfully plays 2 competing gangs off against each other to help a town.

It’ll be fascinating to see how Jin communicates with those around him and if any side missions, for circumstances, inform us more about Jin as an individual apart from his combat expertise.

Possibly Jin as a warrior and a character might be contrasted by players managing another individual entirely, however when inquired about this possibility, Fox just stated, “I can’t tell you that, because I might ruin the experience for you.”

For more on Ghost of Tsushima (out on PS4 on July 17), look at our current video podcast concerning the game, in addition to more information we have actually discovered up until now.

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