Gran Turismo 7 Leaked For PS5 and PS4 By Next Level Racing

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Gran Turismo 7 looks to be coming to either the PS5 or PS4. The long-running racing franchise appears to have actually been ousted by Next Level Racing. The company posted a promotional image with the logo of the title on Instagram (Note: Now it’s been removed).

Gran Turismo 7 Leaked For PS5 and PS4

The image above clearly has the official Gran Turismo 7 logo. The response is right now, we do not know as Sony hasn’t officially announced the title. Gran Turismo 7 as a PS5 launch title does not appear too surprising. Next Level Racing makes official PlayStation licensed *pits for players to get the full simulation experience. The image also consists of Dirt 5 which is coming to next-generation consoles and is one of the games being supported by Next Level Racing.

The PS5 reveal should be soon and Sony has actually promised to show off plenty of games. We believe it’s safe to presume that Gran Turismo 7 will be revealed off.¬†Currently, the latest rumor is that the PS5 reveal will take place in early June and feature both first and 3rd-party games. When it comes to PS5 launch games, we have a few confirmed titles and it is most likely Gran Turismo 7 will be one of them. You can check out all the confirmed PS5 launch titles here.

Gran Turismo 7 has actually been leaked and is expected to be a launch title for PS5.

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