How to heal yourself in Crucible

Keeping yourself healthy in Crucible is no simple job. You have to stress over the unsafe wildlife wandering around the game, and you also have to stress over the enemy players trying to complete the very same goals and who want to pull out awin The best way to cause the most trouble is to keep yourself alive and to do that, you need to have plenty of health. There are a handful of methods you can heal yourself.

The most uncomplicated way is to use a medkit. When you start the game, all players have access to a medkit, and you can bring a specific amount of them on your character throughout thematch You can increase this threshold by discovering medkit amplifiers around the map or having a colleague find one, which counts for you. To activate a medkit, all you have to do his hold the G-button on your key and wait for the medkit’s ability to reachfull You can add the number of medkits available on your character by finding medkits bot on the map, which are small robotics with a green plus sign on their bodies.

When you do not have any extra medkits available to you, look for the radiant green plants on the ground and shoot them. They let out a burst of green powder into the air, and if you stand over it you can get some health.

There are also green recovery stations that give small bursts of heals each time you activate them. These are silver pillars you can approach and continuously engage with to get a heal, and it’s a fast burst, not recovery over time.

You should be able to see how much health you will get from the heal by the small green overview on your character’s health bar at the bottom of the screen. You likely want to rely on the green plants when you do not have any available medkits on you, and you just want to use a medkit when you have a safelocation Trying to activate one for a larger burst of recovery leaves your susceptible while you do it, offering an enemy the best chance to land a tidy hit.

Finding small pockets of green plants to heal your character throughout combat can keep you going, however by having a medkit easily available you can recuperate the most health after enduring a battle.

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