How to play Ajonah in Crucible

Ajonah is the long-range sniper character in Crucible She has a harpoon rifle that runs the best from a distance, and at this range, she can assail opponents with a barrage of well-timed shots.


Ajonah has 3 main abilities available to her. Beyond her special abilities, you can fire her main weapon while looking down sights or from the hip. When looking down sights, Ajonah’s motion slows down, however she has actually increased precision and has actually increased damage if she strikes a target.

Her first ability is her grappling hook. You can use it to connect to the side of walls or on the ground, introducing her forward into theair The grappling hook can send out Ajonah a good distance ahead, enabling her to reach locations most of her allies might not or as anescape There are 2 charges connected to it if you select the Tidal Reach essence upgrade, which is available at levelone You can fire one of these charges off and launch into the air, and after that fire off another to extend the generaldistance The grapple charges do require time to cooldown At level 4, Ajonah ends up being undetectable after using it.

The second ability is jamming shroud. When you activate it, Ajonah knocks the shroud down into the ground where she’s standing a small bubble surrounds her. The jamming shroud avoids enemies from discovering this area, making it a suitable item to conceal herlocation At level 2, she can hit an active jamming shroud to blow up, harmful and pressing enemies away from its.

The 3rd ability is squid mine. These mines acquire a surface area, and when enemies are close to it, the mines connect themselves to them, blowing up and slowing themdown You have the option for your level 5 ability to increase the sluggish of these mines.

To enhance all of Ajonah’s abilities, you want to easily use your grapple to pass through around the map or to reach goals prior to your allies canarrive From there, use the jamming shroud to mask your position and set up a sniping position, waiting in locations where you know the enemy team will have to come through. You can set up mines near or on the goal to give enemies a false sense of security prior to assaulting them. The mines are a great way to sluggish enemies down while they hunt you, offering you more time to close the distance using your grapple. Make sure to enhance your grapple charges as typically as possible.

Essence upgrades

Like all Hunters in Crucible, Ajonah has 5 levels of essence upgrades available to her. At levels one, 3, and 5, she has the option to select various upgrades. These various upgrades differ in use and depend on how you like this character.

Level 1

You can select in between Expanded Quiver, Sea’s Bounty, and Tidal Reach at levelone Of the available options, you want to select in between Sea’s Bounty and Tidal Reach. Broadened Quiver adds 2 extra shots to Ajonah’s main weapon. Sea’s Bounty will give you an extra squid mine and increase the range you can throw these, possibly using them when getting in afight The Tidal Reach may be much better for those who choose to have Ajonah with an escape, offering her a surcharge on her grappling hook.

The level 2 essence upgrade is the exact same whenever and it allows you to detonate a triggered jamming shroud, damaging enemies within it.

Level 3

When you reach essence level 3, you have the option in between Spectacular Burst, Heal in Shadows, and Safe Harbor. All are practicaloptions Spectacular Burst will cause your enemies to momentarily go blind if you land a critical hit against them with your rifle, which is striking them in thehead Heal in Shadows allows Ajonah to heal 20 health a second while in stealth. The final option, Safe Harbor, grants you and your allies 10 percent extra speed while inside your jamming shroud.

Likely the best option would be to go with Heal in Shadows since there are plants all over the map that can have you enter into stealth, therefore recovering you for a short, and her level 4 essence upgrade allows her to go undetectable when she utilizes her grappling hook. players who choose to rub their allies may want to go with Safe Harbor, and those who are fracture shots behind Ajonah can use Spectacular Burst to cause even more problems for enemies.

Level 5

The final 2 essence upgrade options consist of Neurotoxic Venom and Strike to the Head. The first upgrade increases the period of the sluggish used to enemies when hit by the Squid Mines, which is exceptional for those who rely on these mines to use for traps. Those who can regularly land headshots against enemies with Ajonah may want to go with Strike to the Head since it changes the critical hit multiplier from 2.5 to 3.0, increasing the general damage you do every time you hit one. Those who rely on critical hits may choose to use Neurotoxic Venom, triggering even more trouble against enemies who are already in over their heads.

In General, when it comes to playing as Ajonah, you want to keep an affordable distance far from your enemies and rely on your allies to support you. She does not have excessive health available to her, and she’s fairly squishy. You never ever want to engage in a direct fight either. Make sure to attack your enemies from afar, and stick close to your allies when trying to interrupt or protect goals.

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