His deal with is TexasBoostin. He’s a competitive, casual, enjoyable caring official PUBG Partner fromHouston He is bringing his special Texas taste of enthusiasm and positivity to our consolecommunity Tex produces content to attract both competitive and casual PUBGplayers He is also referred to as the “Kustom King” due to his unique customized matches that promote casual, silly enjoyable. He formed his own dream stream team referred to as Team Thumbless and established a space for competitive console players to compete with Console Stream League. With all this things under his belt, we are lucky that Tex took the time to chat with us!

PUBG: How did your journey with PUBG begin?

TB: I first found PUBG on my Xbox while Kabby (a fellow Mixer banner) was streaming it on a main feature slot for Mixer. I keep in mind putting down whatever I was gazing and doing at the screen in my garage. While enjoying the real banner and the content he was creating, I figured out it was the immersive game I was seeing that drew mein When I discovered this was a PC game I was discouraged that my console caring thumbs would never ever get to wander the battlegrounds of PUBG. About 3 months after discovering PUBG and Kabby’s content, I saw the announcement! “PUBG IS COMING TO XBOX!” After the release I rapidly recognized this is a great game and might become one of the very best!

PUBG: How did Team Thumbless put together?

TB: I was seeing Mixer’s PUBG HypeZone attempting to get techniques and pointers for the new BR I just selected up and I saw this player called RBB Cudi. He had AMAZING gun skill however basically zero stream existence. I approached Cudi and his duo colleague SKT GaGa and inquired about expert streaming. Cudi’s reaction was “I’m in the British Army” and GaGa’s was “I have streamed on Twitch before.” Viewing these guys slay each and every single battlefield with over 15 wins a day actually stimulated my interest in competitive PUBG onconsole After a month of setting up Cudi and GaGa’s streams, we came together and chose to make the expert stream team called Team Thumbless. I was selected team manager and chose to grow TT into what it is today. That caused the conference of PlayerUnknown himself at a steakhouse in San Antonio, Texas for the PUBG Partner conference at Pax South in Jan of 2019! All of us enjoyed his existence and great sense of humor!

PUBG: Let’s speak about Console Stream League, what is it and what was your inspiration behind it?

TB: I started including remarkable skill to our team and establishing new quality banners and about six months in I announced CSL: Console Stream League. A league designed to find the best skill on PUBG that was streaming. We ran one pre season and 4 amazing full month seasons. I composed my extremely own “SUPERC” ruleset where I asked PUBG for authorization to use their “S.U.P.E.R.” ruleset used in the PGIseries I added some console rules and structure and ended up with the “SUPERC” (C for CONSOLE). It was remarkably effective and I wanted to continue to give great players a safe and enjoyable place to play and prove theirskills

PUBG: Why does your home state of Texas have such a big impact on your streaming identity?

TB: Please see– “Deep in the Heart of Texas”– by Moe Bandy. Born and raised in Houston I have actually lived in Texas for the past 3 years. Through the adversities and trials Texans have actually sustained unexpected scenarios and have actually constantly gathered and worked asone Texans have actually taught me that as a group we are more powerful together. When I consider my community I believe of us as one system that all want to help each other achieve their goals. Together anything is possible, I am happy to call Texas myhome #HoustonStrong.

PUBG: What is something you hope your audiences acquire from seeing you?

TB: WELLLLL my stream is a bit various than others. We are more like a midnight dance club than a professional shooter stream. People find my stream and see us playing strange community games and promoting PUBG as an innovative game instead of a battle royale. PUBG allows me to put a spin on it and create amazing or amusing customizedgames What I want people to eliminate from my stream is that video games are ENJOYABLE.

Thanks to Texas Boostin for making the effort to tell hisstory If you’re interested in supporting Tex’s PUBG content, be sure to login to your PUBG account and input his creator tag: texasboostin into our Creator Gratitude Program database (currently in beta). You’ll send out a part of your in-game purchases to Texas Boostin when you support him through the C.A.P.

Wish to see Tex in action? Catch his streams on TexasBoostin and give him a follow on social media @TexasBoostin.

Stay tuned for more interviews with our partners and community members!


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