Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Minecraft Dungeons Screenshot Dungeon Team Members

Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay? The game is set to release in late May and it will use a brand name new Minecraft experience, focusing on dungeon crawling with your friends and lots of have been questioning whether Minecraft Dungeons will feature the much in-demand crossplay feature.

Does Minecraft Dungeons Have Crossplay?

Minecraft Dungeons does not feature crossplay at launch according to Mojang Studios. The studio has actually stated they are working on crossplay, especially in between PC and Xbox One, according to Windows Central. When it comes to Minecraft Dungeons crossplay on PS4 Mojang are just ‘exploring’ the possibility. Minecraft Dungeons PS4 crossplay is currently not in the game.

Whilst it hasn’t been confirmed as of now, there is a possibility that Microsoft and Mojang Studios will execute PS4 crossplay into Minecraft Dungeons, as Minecraft currently features crossplay in between all platforms. There is constantly hope!

Minecraft Dungeons is the first new Minecraft game for consoles considering that the original game released. It eliminates a lot of the crafting and base building that exists in the main game and focuses totally on dungeon crawling, levelling and updating your gear, and taking on tougher and tougher enemies.

The game is designed to be played both on your own or with friends online and in your area. It is also a casual and really friendly experience, however still including a lot of depth. Everybody can play it, from the most skilled gamer to a kid attempting out games for the first time. The game has a main campaign that you can progress through with extra difficulty levels to provide a higher challenge, along with allow you to open more powerful gear for your character.

You can view the latest trailer for Minecraft Dungeons on PS4 below: com/watch? v= V1oLY7aQMR0

Minecraft Dungeons releases for PS4 on May 26.

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