Pixar’s newest short is a hilarious, heartwarming coming-out story

The latest short movie in Pixar’s speculative program, from author and director Steven Clay Hunter, is entitled Out. You may be questioning if it truly is describing coming out– particularly offered Pixar’s track record of making LGBTQ characters with lines that are quickly editable. The response to that is: yes, Out is everything about one guy coming out to hisfamily


Pixar’s SparkShorts program, which highlights skill from throughout the company, has actually brought us a foul-mouthed ball of pink yarn fighting work environment sexism, the studio’s first non-verbal autistic character, and an Academy Award-nominated pitbull and kittycat pairing.

Out starts with a sparkly purple feline and a shiny pink dog descend from the sky via rainbow sending out a bolt of wonderful glittery energy to a small dog called Jim. From there, the short follows Greg, a gay guy who is moving from an undefined small town to an undefined bigcity While assisting Greg pack, his partner Manuel discovers a adorable photo of the 2 of them that Greg stored in a drawer. Greg, it turns out, hasn’t come out to hisparents Part of the reason he wishes to move away is that he feels a big city will be more accepting of his sexuality. He assures Manuel that one day he’ll tell them … just not.

And After That his parents show up at the door.

Greg instantly yeets Manuel out of there, however before he can do any troubleshooting, he and Jim the dog switch bodies. Hilarity occurs as Greg in his dog’s body attempts to avoid his parents from finding out he’s gay. dog in Greg’s body does dog things like smelling butts and going after squirrels. Because this is a Pixar short, there is also a great offer of heart.

While Pixar has actually had some one- note queer characters (a blink-and-you’ll- miss it couple in Finding Dory and a police officer with one throwaway line in Onward), Out features the studio’s first leading gay character and focuses completely on his experience, which is obviously based on a true story (though most likely without the dog- and-human body switching). Provided the fate of Love, Victor (a follow-up to Love, Simon booted from Disney Plus to Hulu for “adult themes”) it’s a noteworthy step up in representation for both Pixar and Disney Plus. Now let’s see it in a theatrical release.

Out is available to stream on Disney Plus.

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