SCUF Showcases NBA2K Controller Line

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SCUF controllers make for trusted high-end options for players looking for that additional something. We believe they’re quite strong pieces of hardware, that’s forsure These controllers have a history of theme-based models, such as the Transformers’ Bumblebee model or the Cosmic models (that corresponded with NASA’s first- ever image of a Great Void. Now, SCUF Gaming teams up with the NBA to make basketball-themed SCUF controllers.

SCUF Showcases NBA2K Controller Line

Officially created the NBA2KL controller line, these controllers feature 24 various teams throughout 2 various controllermodels Is the Infinity4PS Pro, which basically looks like a souped-up DualShock 4, running at $17995

It’s good to see that my home team got a cool look.

The other model is the Effectmodel This controller brings a comparable air to an Xbox One controller however with a DualShock 4 front, complete with parallel joysticks. This model sets you back $18995

Not actually a Jazz fan, however this visual is beautiful.

These are special editions of these 2 specific controllers, so their costs are a bit higher thannormal Approved, personalizing the base controllers will land the cost in the exact same ballpark (sorry for the baseball joke). Similarly so, the basic model of the Infinity4PS Pro runs at $13995, and the basic Effect model goes for $14995

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