Update 1.1.0 for Pokémon Home introduces battle data and improved trading between friends – Patch Notes

Pokémon home is the center application where players can combine all of the Pokémon they have actually ever caught in almost every Pokémon game and keep them in onelocation The application got a 1.1.0 update for iOS and Android players, and there are plenty of new additions to it. The total patch notes for an update like this are very little.

The big thing entering into 1.1.0 is the battledata The battle data shows your total online ranking, comparing it to others, online competitions, ranked battles, and muchmore To have a good amount of this information available, you need to have your account linked to a Nintendo one for all of theinformation You can read this by checking out the main menu and clicking on the battle data tab.

For a minimal time, trainers will have the ability to trade with their friends that are far, instead of direct contact with them. Formerly, you might just trade with friends who were near you.

Extra changes to trade consisting of shortened Wonder Box times, and you can join a Space Trade group for free 10 times a day, instead of the previous 3. These changes are just short-lived. These are the full patch notes shared to owners of the application:

  • The Battle Data feature has actually been carried out.
  • The bug where the information for Gigantamax Alcremie would often not be signed up to the Pokédex has actually been fixed.
  • Other issues have actually been fixed.

Pokémon home will continue to be the center for trainers aiming to store all of their Pokémon in a singlelocation The application officially released previously this year in February. Ideally, the next step is to give trainers a chance to place Pokémon they capture from Pokémon Go, however that feature does not have a release date.

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