9 new movies to watch at home: a Simon Pegg thriller and the latest on Netflix

A new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Tenet firmly insists that the smash hit is getting here on its July 17 theatrical release date, raising concerns as to whether Nolan and Warner Bros. may be being positive as to when it will be safe to return to theaters. Cinema shut down at the start of the pandemic as it ended up being clear that crowds– particularly crowds stuck in the exact same space– were a public health issue. July 17 is less than 2 months away– will that time suffice?

On The Other Hand, Zack Snyder has announced that the “Snyder Cut” of Justice League will be coming to HBO Max. Over the next year, $20 to $30 million worth of work will be done on existing video footage in order to create the director’s cut, which will hit HBO Max in 2021.

That’s all a ways away. As the wait for movie theaters to resume, here are the new movies skirting the theatrical experience so you can catch them at home this weekend.

The Journey to Greece

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $5.99 on Amazon, $6.99 on Google Play and Apple

rob brydon and steve coogan in the trip to greece

Picture: IFC Movies.

Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon have actually now starred as overstated variations of themselves in 4 movies for director Michael Winterbottom, the latest (and last) of which is The Journey to Greece, in which they try to backtrack Odysseus’ steps while on a restaurant trip. It’s a fitting send out-off for the series in the way it highlights the passage of time. From our review:

4 installations of the series have actually permitted a sense of intimacy to grow in between the 2men Beyond the fact that Coogan and Brydon’s fictionalized selves appear transparent adequate to be real– they air their petty complaints with no obvious regard for the video cameras, and Coogan can’t appear to stop discussing the BAFTA awards he’s won– 4 movies’ worth of friendship create a sense of friendship with the audience. It’s the exact same kind of psychological financial investment that people get out of, state, the Marvel cinematic universe, or a precious TELEVISIONseries (The movie variations are modified together from six- episode seasons that air on British TELEVISION.)


Where to watch it: Lease on digital $6.99 on Amazon and Apple

simon pegg in inheritance

Image: Vertical Home Entertainment.

When a rich patriarch (Patrick Warburton) all of a sudden passes away, his estate is divided amongst hisfamily His daughter Lauren (Lily Collins) also gets a message from her father about a secret bunker under the property, in which she finds a male (Simon Pegg) who declares he’s been cooped there for 3 years. The discovery that their father may not be who he declared to be threatens to tear the family apart. It’s Pegg’s performance that actually pulls the movie together. From our review:

On the other side of this mental battle, which the movie helpfully highlights by consistently positioning a chess set in between its 2 leads, Pegg handles to be both menacingly strange and supportive. He’s particularly enjoyable to watch when he’s permitted to let go, and in between his performance and some strong makeup work, he believably embodies somebody a years or two older than his real age. He’s both the just star in Inheritance who offers his character’s feelings and the just one who appears prepared to confess that he’s in a pulpy thriller.

Diana Kennedy: Absolutely Nothing Fancy

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $999 through Greenwich Entertainment

diana kennedy in diana kennedy: nothing fancy

Image: Greenwich Home Entertainment.

The documentary Diana Kennedy: Absolutely Nothing Fancy is a pleasure. As filmmaker Elizabeth Carroll goes into the life of Kennedy, a popular chef, she also enters into the problems of a white female being thought about the primary specialist on Mexican food. Throughout, Kennedy, who is no-nonsense and practically rowdy in spite of her age, exposes years’ worth of research and devotion to food, consisting of valuable individual relationships with other cooks.

Lucky Grandma

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $12 through Good Deed Entertainment

tsai chin in lucky grandma

Picture: Kindness Home Entertainment.

When Grandma (Tsai Chin), 80 years old and freshly widowed, is informed that she’s going to have a especially lucky day, she chooses to head to the gambling establishment and go allin Her gaming nets the attention of some regional gangsters. She ends up being mired in the middle of a gang war when she employs a bodyguard from a competing gang.

The Painter and the Thief

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $3.99 through Neon and your local theater’s Virtual Cinema

two people lounge in a room

Picture: Neon.

The Painter and the Thief narrates a exceptional true story, in which a painter tracks down the thief responsible for taking 2 of her works. When she discovers him, the 2 ended up being friends, and she ends up welcoming him to sit for a picture of his own. Against all chances, he becomes her muse.

New on Netflix this weekend

  • The Lovebirds, a romantic funny starring Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae
  • The Big Flower Fight, essentially The Great British Bake-Off other than with flowers instead of flour
  • New funny special Patton Oswalt: I Love Whatever.
  • Sweet Magnolias, a series about a close-knit group of women in a small Southern town
  • Show movie Ben Platt Live From Radio City Music Hall.

And here’s what dropped last Friday:


Where to watch it: Lease on digital $999 on Google Play, Amazon and Apple

a man answers the phone

Picture: Vertical Home Entertainment.

After the catastrophe that was Wonderful 4, Josh Trank returns with Capone, a biopic of the 1920 s mob boss Al Capone in his final year of life. Tom Hardy stars as Capone, and it may just be his wildest performance. From our review:

Trank’s Wonderful 4 was meddled with beyond acknowledgment, and crashed in its effort at attractive to every least expensive common denominator. Capone, by contrast, does not make any concession towards what an audience may want to see from a gangster biopic. It’s a strong resurgence for Trank. Hardy’s outsized performance might quickly have actually suited a biopic of a hale, healthy, and active Capone. Instead, Trank matches that vitality with ingenuity, discovering an uncommon new way of attending to a renowned figure.


Where to watch it: Streaming free for subscribers on Amazon Video

kristen stewart as jean seberg

Picture: Amazon Studios.

Kristen Stewart stars as Jean Seberg in a movie about the starlet’ participation with the civil liberties motion and the FBI’s resulting interest in her. When she satisfies Black Panther activist Hakim Jamal (Anthony Mackie) on a flight, the story begins. When the FBI pictures them together at the airport, she ends up being a topic of security and harassment to a degree that threatens her profession, her individual life, and her psychological health.


Where to watch it: Lease on digital $1999 on Google Play, Amazon and Apple

an animated young shaggy and scooby

Image: Warner Bros.


Scoob! is indicated to be a reboot of the franchise’s movie series, bringing in a completely new cast of voice stars for the human characters– Will Specialty as Shaggy, Gina Rodriguez as Velma, Zac Efron as Fred, and Amanda Seyfried as Daphne– however keeping Frank Welker as the voice of the well-known dog detective Scooby-Doo. The new movie pits the gang against the atrocious Penis Dastardly (Jason Isaacs) and his dog Muttley (Billy West).

Uncut Gems

Where to watch it: Lease on digital $4.99 on Google Play, Amazon and Apple

Adam Sandler sporting a leather jacket.


One of the best movies of last year is available to lease. The Safdie bros’ Uncut Gems, which stars Adam Sandler as Ratner in his best performance ever, is a marvel, pressing the limitation for just how difficult one movie can be as Ratner makes the most significant gamble of his life. From our review:

Even as Howard screws himself over with blustery blowing, it’s hard not to root for him. It’s a testimony to Sandler’s performance, unconditionally the best of his profession, however also to the Safdies’ skill behind thecamera They use tight close-ups, fast cuts, overlapping lines of dialogue, and an electronic soundtrack, by turns buzzy and blasting, to create a sense of claustrophobia. It functions as a kind of extended cinematic stress and anxiety attack, leaving the audience as overloaded as Howard. And yet the large stakes of his negligent gambles may press them to understand with him even as he comes down into mania.

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