Fortnite player aiming for Level 600 by only opening chests

A Fortnite gamer is aiming to make it to another milestone in the game by reaching level 600 on this season’s Battle Pass before it completes, however he’s refraining from doing it by controling lobbies or building to magnificence.

The player in concern is Talocan, who has actually been streaming his PS4 Fortnite sessions via Google Gaming, where he does not play with a camera or engage much with the audience. Instead, he focuses his energy on the game via gathering XP by openingchests During his last stream, he reached level 520 and confirmed in the remarks of his stream that he meant to continue grinding up until he hit level600 com/watch? v= JkO1gxtsIDM

While there’s no leaderboard to state for sure that Talocan is the highest leveled player, the numbers compared to players with the most games is insane, with Fortnite banner Ninja only at about level 190 as of the other day, and Talocan is much higher than some of the other players at the top of the wins leaderboard for the game, consisting of Mixer Ship who is only around the level 370 mark.

To get this high of a level, Talocan has actually been using the very same strategy: drop at Steamy Stacks, open all of the chests within the area, stopped the game to lobby, and queue for a newmatch The level of devotion to grind that level has actually indicated that he has actually been playing a large amount, and as revealed by Twitter user Cinema of Gaming, Talocan has actually been busy.

Some details about TALOCAN:

1) 17 years old from Germany
2) Goes to high school (Currently closed)
3) Sleeps 7 hours a day
4) Only purchased 3 tiers this season
5) His goal is to reach level 600 this season
6) Owns all level 100 banners from previous season/chapter


— Cinema Of Gaming (@CinemaOfGaming) May 21, 2020

Season 3 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is arranged to start on June 4, indicating that Talocan still has time to hit that magic milestone of Level600 Whether he will be carrying out the very same accomplishment in Season 3, remains to be seen.

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Fortnite player aiming for Level 600 by only opening chests

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