The BFE Report: Ranking PUBG’s Best

The new Ranked Mode, esports, and Texas-swagger were big in PUBG today.

A busy week in PUBG sees the intro of the critical Ranked Mode (the story has just started with that feature) and the return of PUBG Esports in The United States And Canada (Charity or not, the region’s best are completing). Whether you’re talking best pro players or best PUBG players, this week is all about PUBG’s official elite.

Ranked Mode Arrives

There will be no reasons when it comes to figuring out the best amongst any random group of friends with the arrival of Ranked Mode in PUBG on PC (Console variations will be updated next week). The new gameplay settings (64 players, no Redzone, and so on) and new tracking system tailor-made for veteran players should make the entire PUBG experience feel like it’s been leveled up.

Time to put your skills to the test! Ranked Mode is now available on PC. Squad up and play 5 placement matches to start your climb to Master!

— PUBG US (@PUBG_US) May 21, 2020

The Stars are Bright

It’s uncertain if PUBG partner Texas Boostin has more love for PUBG or his home state of Texas, however it’s going to be keeping track of him to findout He got his minute in the PUBG spotlight today and revealed the strength of the PUBG in the heart of Texas.

Remarkable piece!

— TexasBoostin ² (@TexasBoostin) May 22, 2020

PCS Charity

It’s been some time because North American fans have had the chance to cheer for their own, however the PCS Charity event that kicked off on 5/21 is bringing esports back to the continent in a bigway Familiar faces from the NPL will be in action as they shake the dust off and compete for charity.

Tune in TODAY at 4 pm PT for Day 1 of the #PCSCharityShowdown! Do not forget to follow @PUBGEsports for all the latest match updates and highlights.

View ▶

— PUBG US (@PUBG_US) May 21, 2020

The Phase Ahead

Ranked Mode is going to reveal itself to console fans and we’ll have a lot more to state about the competition- heavy new mode.


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