Can you decorate your house in Minecraft Dungeons?

When you start playing Minecraft Dungeons, you will rapidly find that your camp has ahouse This is yourhouse It’s your charming captivating table, and fireplace, and pigs. If there is a way to decorate your homes in the game, you may be questioning.

This is an odd response since you can do it, however you can’t place furnishings or anything like that. As you play through the game and achieve specific accomplishments, new items and designs will be added to thehouse New statues and paintings will arrive for you to look at with a sense of wonder and marvel.

Regrettably, the game does not have the active positioning and crafting of designs component that normal Minecraft has, however it would be really cool if features like that were to come to the game in the future.

Your camp can also be changed as you play through thegame Completing locations will cause helpful NPCs, like the Blacksmith and the Trader, to appear in your camp. You can then buy randomly created items from them that will match your power level.

This works, since if one of your pieces of gear is lagging behind since you have actually been regrettable with drops, you can spam the random drops up until you get something you can change it, which necessary bump in your power.

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