How to complete the 100 Challenge in BitLife

There’s a new challenge available in BitLife called the 100Challenge You will have to complete a number of various steps and satisfy the requirements of a number oftasks The challenging part of this challenge consists of having 100 percent statistics, and having a specific balance.

Here are the requirements of the challenge:

  • Be 100 years old
  • Have a bank balance of exactly $100
  • Have 100 percent Joy
  • Have 100 percent Health
  • Have 100 percent Smarts
  • Have 100 percent Looks

A Number Of of these requirements work well together with each other. to reach the old age of 100 years old, it genuinely assists for you to have exceptionally high statistics, mainly health. To reach 100 years old, you want to make sure your character is not appealing in hazardous activities, and keeping a low profile each year, generally by taking regular strolls, reading, practicing meditation, and engaging with family members.

To reach 100 percent in all of the statistics, there are a mix of various things you can do to increase these statistics. Lots Of of these overlap, such as health and looks.

  • For Joy, you can have a caring relationship with your partner, children, and frequently go on strolls, or purchase high-end items to make your life easier.
  • For Health, you need to frequently go to a physician, consume healthily, go on strolls, and go to the gym relatively frequently.
  • For Smarts, you want to check out books or go to the library. There’s not excessive you can do for this stat, however if you do it early enough in your life you can keep it reasonably high for most of your character’s life time.
  • For Appearances, you need to go to the gym, go to a barber, or have a life-altering surgical treatment early in your life to modify how you look.

The final requirement is to have exactly $100 in yourbank You’ll need to make sure you frequently spend money on items, and it may help to not have any visible earnings for your character. If you receive money through a retirement fund, you may want to make sure you can keep this relatively low. Of all the requirements, this might be the hardest part to ensure you’re investing enough money on random things to keep it low, or have sufficient assets that need annual maintenance.

After you reach these requirements, you will have completed the new 100 Challenge.

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